Thursday, October 16, 2008

Western shirts and wiggle dresses I will dream of wiggle dresses. It's a nice escape from reality, right? It's getting colder, and I am gearing towards wearing my vintage Frye boots, jeans and western shirts. As I am doing a mental check of my closet, it is busting out the seams with old dresses and western shirts. Should a gal OWN that many western shirts???? As a matter of fact, I am wearing one I picked up at the LB Antique Market. 70s. red. with flowers. and pearl snaps. with the sleeves rolled up *just enough*.

I really need to weed through the clothes I own and have a yard sale somewhere. There's no more room for new stuff. Oh, I say somewhere, because I can't have not quite a mile up a dirt road I won't get any visitors! I'll have to borrow someone's house for the day.

Speaking of wiggle dresses, or dresses in general...I hung out with Matt yesterday...Apparently it was the first time he's seen me in jeans and a t-shirt. I'm always wearing dresses when he sees me... Although he did compliment me yesterday and it made be blush a little...

My friend who wanted to buy Garri's shop COMPLETELY bailed out on me. He hasn't even returned my call(s!). That's wierd. Just tell me you don't wanna do it.

I'm thinking Spring of next year I will do it myself. By then I'll have enough $$$$ saved up for rent for a few months and then some. Now I am really putting my thoughts down on paper. And maybe somewhat of a plan.

As for my new look for my webshop: I bought a new desktop computer (so purrty!) with Adobe Elements. I'm currently learning that program and messing around with it. You can see my new banner (above) yeah thats my car and I used elements to create the effects. Hush! I know what you are thinking...I'm still learning...hahaha!

And the images I wanted to take, I haven't as of yet. I just dislike having photos of myself taken. Although I want to try to post pics of me wearing vintage in the listings, to see if my sales increase. Ugh.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First post as 26

It's another birthday gone and passed... and I am in a good place right now. I even went on a little shopping spree last week...

Simply Fabulous Vintage

Cats and Crickets Boutique

Punky's Vintage

My Favorite Plum

Shopping really is the best therapy...maybe that's why I'm in such a good mood!

*Side note...OKAY so I know I my posting needs work...perhaps I will start blogging more often...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here's another day dream, y'all

During my senior year of high school, all of the teachers made a big deal about what the students were gonna do after graduation. My first dream was to be a fashion buyer for some ultra high end shop. I was in talks with a fashion school in So Cal. I had a portfolio and of all the paperwork ready. My dream came to a halt when my dad said the school was too expensive and I couldn't go. Maybe we couldn't afford it. Or maybe he was too cheap and didn't see the sense it paying a ridiculous amount of money for a trade school. Or maybe going into fashion would have been a tricky business and it's would have been too much of a risk.

Turns out I'm currently repaying a loan for my Human Services Bachelor's degree, in which I am nowhere near that field of work as of now.

Life has it's many hurdles, turns, sideswipes and barricades. Everything happens for a reason. I'm greatful for completing my degree and the knowledge I have acquired is amazing. But, what now?

I probably shouldn't write any of this down as of yet...until it actually happens...but I am a sucker for crazy hopes and dreams.

Garri is closing her shop down, her family is moving and yadda yadda etc... A friend of mine offered to buy the existing shop. He wants to me to handle everything! It's a lot of work, from buying to advertising, to organizing. I agreed to it as long as I can have space in the store to do my own thing also. My idea is to help him and train his daughter to handle everything. (Garri has taught me a lot about this business). I would get them started and then open my shop near them to get this cool local hangout going.

As I am talking to my friend more and more, we seem to have a lot of creative differences concerning what direction to take the shop. One thing we do agree on: Having a deal where we help needy families in our town and giving them warm jackets for the Winter. Get the community involved, have people bring in their outworn jackets for a discount in the shop. We would get invloved with the school and just plain be helpful and give back to our community. I love this idea. I've always had a desire to do charity type work. I've done it plenty of times before, but to have this ongoing effort would be waaaayyy cool.

Garri is out at the end of this month. As details are being worked out, I might have an official OK for the store by then.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm speechless

I've been giving my friend a hard time about his shoes for quite a while now. They are white, high top sneakers with velcro. Not because he is some hipster, but because he hasn't gone shopping in over 10 years. They are ragged, dirty, more like a grey color than a white. It's all in good fun and he finally agreed to come to the shop to get some Vans. He didn't get vans, but a nice pair of Penguin lace up sneakers. He bought a new pair of Levis, and nice up to date polo shirt. He is the stereotypical guy who hates shopping and won't take the effort to update his wardrobe. Everyone loves this guy anyway. He will take a bullet for you. No doubt.

He wanted to take me to a friendly dinner afterwards and talk. Just talk about stuff that's going on. I consider him a pretty good friend and easy to talk to. We went to a local Mexican restuarant. I ordered a Strawberry Margarita to start off and as we were eating our salads, he tells me he is going to die.

I have goosebumps while typing this. He's had cancer for a couple years now, and just a few months ago went to the doctor. He has a bad case of mouth, throat and stomach cancer. The thing is, I think he has given up. He hasn't even attempted to get treatment. He says he will "try to talk to some people."

To say the least, last night was very emotional. Neither of us finished our dinners.

Even being the next day, it's hard not to think about it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Give me passion

In this crazy world of dating, I've come to this conclusion:


I have always dated musicians and guys who work on cars for a hobby. In the last few months, I have been trying to steer CLEAR of musicians. I've been dating different people and it's been an experience for sure. I've even signed on to a legitimate dating site (as legitimate online dating can be) to meet people with different interests. I realized this morning, it's having a passion towards something that I find so attractive. Don't care what the interest is, it could be anything! I'm not looking for a guy who will devote their entire selves to me, because I won't reciprocate, quite frankly. It's important to feel strongly about something, like I do about my shop. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who don't do anything. Shame on you...find a hobby! What I do for fun breathes life into me. I'm looking for someone who is excited to live life.

While we are on the subject....I made my very first purchase at Urban Outfitters. I thought if I am going to do it, I will do it all the way. Told myself I wouldn't buy shoes like this, but the style grew on me. They'll go perfect with an olive green wiggle dress I found last weekend...Say hello to my new lover...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some new hair candy

I've made my first trade! Ruby from MyCakies contacted me. She requested a 1950s girls dress and in return I receieved one of her creations. I love to wear artificial flowers. Only problem is, they fall apart after a few wears (Especially when I make them myself!). Ruby's flowers are made of felt and hand sewn and quality. There's depth to her cakies. She definitely made this with love. If you have any children I seriously think you should take another look at her store, she's got Cakie Crowns and a huge selection of Childrens Cakies, too. Look at the pictures below!

Friday, August 22, 2008

SALE Woo Hoo!!!!

Come and get your vintage fix! FREE SHIPPING with every order!!!!!!!
This weekend only, 8/22, 8/23, and 8/24!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Like a light bulb flashing over my head

Ever since I've started selling vintage, a special nitch has always been on my mind. With a love of '40s Noir and '50s Wiggle Dresses, that style didn't fly at the shop. Nor at the flea markets. I found it to be disturbing that a lot of people weren't actively seeking that style. I've had to adapt to my surroundings whether I liked it or not. And selling items I don't particularily like always gave me the shakes.

Compromising in between making money and enjoying what I do has been hard. I will be honest, so far it's been, I will sell what will make money. Now that I have been at it constantly for a while now online, I have a better idea as to what works. I feel I have actually come up with a nitch that I can market easily. I have been aiming too high with certain ideas. Certain things that are out of reach. Maybe things that aren't "me." I have come up with a creative strategy, that is completely me, easy to attain, and of course, on the cheap. These ideas will go great with the Fall season, and it is perfect timing. I'll try it, and if it doesn't work, at least I'll know.

I do need to define my personality online, which has been a little difficult so far. I want to share with the world who I am. And not just some follower, I aspire to be a leader! How cliche does that sound? But, hey, that's alright.

I am going on a road trip in a couple of weeks...Hopefully I will gain some creative inspiration... well, heck, I know I will. I will be working a little in the meantime, and my shop will temporarily be closed while I am gone (I'm leaving for 2 weeks!). I'm coming back with a bang, you can be sure of it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Go t-bird, go!

I was running a little late this morning getting to work. It is really completely my own fault. I stayed up late last night searching through youtube videos. From the likes of Blondie to Jimmie Rodgers. It's a cool little site, I've never spent much more time on it than when someone sends me a video to watch. So I deprived myself of some sleep and paid for it this morning.

I was in a hurry, driving kinda fast, you know the same old story. I was listening to Johnny Horton and something always comes over me when rocking out to him. Where the posted speed limit is 45mph, and not because of residential areas, but because of windy mountain roads, I was going more than twice that. I know the highway like the back of my hand, I really have driven down it with my eyes closed. It was a nice adrenaline rush and it woke me up. I was in a good mood by the time I had arrived (and still am!).

Friday, July 25, 2008

A hobby I meant to learn...

Knitting! I learned how to at one point, when I was a kid in middle school. I knitted my first scarf. Of course, it wouldn't be perfect, how could it be? I was so proud I had to show my grandmother.

Every year for Christmas, she would have knitted booties and other gifts of that nature for the family. I really did look forward to new slippers every year, as cheesy as that was!

Anyway, she pointed out every little wrong detail of my precious scarf and it broke my heart. Now that I look back, I obviously was looking up to her for support and guidance through my new venture. Well, I got discouraged and I never picked it back up.
As I drove through Grand Junction, CO last year, I browsed around a couple of antique shops in the "downtown" area. I stumbled across the following pictured knitting books. All range from late '50s to 1967. I was inspired to pick up knitting. And they also caught my eye...for makeup and hair inspiration. A year later, I haven't even attempted to learn. I browse through them every so often and think about how cute it would be to own some of these creations. The first two books are my favorite (you can click on these photos and the full image size will pop up):

#1. The gals with the teased high hair and thick black eyeliner are what caught my eye...especially since going through my '60s phase...

#2. Almost all of these photos are taken on a race track...who doesn't love fast cars and knitted fashion?

#3. and #4. I don't think these scans truly capture the doll like late '50s fashion with almost wax like figures...I don't even think these women are real...

#5. The front and back cover...all I can say is, it's my goal to have a matching ski sweater with some lucky man when we go to the local ski resort...We will just sit by the fireplace all day with a nice hot chocolate, or maybe some Irish coffee...

I am a collector of random emphemera...I love doing research on the everyday living of women in times gone by. It's especially a riot to read the "cosmo's" of the '50s...(hmm...I think that will be a future post...) maybe I won't get into my thoughts there....
These knitting books aren't worth anything monetary...but do mean the world to someone who may want them. I am willing to pass these on to someone...who wants to trade? I'll let go of Books #3, #4, and #5. Just convo me if want to know more details about these little treasures or if you've got somethin' to offer *wink wink*! Ooh and even better if someone wants to knit me a sweater from one of these books...we will definitely work something out! hehe

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whooda thunk it?

Who would have thought that shampooing carpets could be such a bonding experience with my father? We spent all day Sunday slaving away at rearranging furniture, cleaning, and working. My goodness, those carpets look really good. They have been given a new life! True to color and fluffy and no more stinky stink from the Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde Kitty Kat.

Okay maybe this is an odd bonding experience, but none the less, the man is a work a holic and for me to join and help, I felt needed and accomplished. I can't wait until we get started on that old car of mine. I'm waiting for him to retire so he will have time. You know the drill, there is never enough time in the day to get stuff done around the house. Especially if his extra curricular activites make extra cash. He refurbishes boats and sells firewood on the side. That is where I get my entepenuership skills from, I'm sure.
I've uploaded listings to my Etsy account. For now, they are listings that were *overlooked* on Ebay. I will be keeping both accounts up to date and a work in progress.
Here are a couple listings for some eye candy (on Etsy):

1980's tennis skirt

1950's sheer gingham blouse


Friday, July 18, 2008

Such a womanly need...

I love high heels. I will wear them as often as I can. Usually going out on a Friday or Saturday nights. I would wear them to work if I could. But, too bad that I live in the desert where there is nothing but dirt. And I literally work on the top of a mountain. Wearing them would be silly if I had to walk from building to building, I would most certainly trip and fall.
I want these ones by Remix, in particular, either in pink or green :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm happy for...

...the fact my boss is an animal lover. My pup got real sick and I was able to take paid sick time to take him to the Animal ER. He really is a part of the family and he will be fine (had a case of coccidiosis, most likely picked up by the previous owner's house). We had a scare and we are so so so happy Toby is back to normal.

...the visiting research scientist got a new pair of seeing eye glasses. Black, round and thick rimmed. He is a splitting image of all the historical 1950s pictures from the company I work for. I just enjoy talking to him even more so now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

LOL at myself

Okay so maybe I've hit a roadblock...auctions aren't quite up yet. I forgot to set up a new seller account with auctiva didn't work the dresses featured below will be listed tomorrow.

In the meantime, I will be taking more photos, and listing more as well to go along with the first round of auctions.

I did have time to play this weekend...Went to my first Indian Casino...and lost $30. I also caught some sort of cold that pretty much kept me inside the whole 4 day weekend. Hence, maybe why I got so much done haha.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Listings!

Here's a picture of me from yesterday...check out the new hair!

Here are a couple new listings on Ebay...Check them out and there's a few more, too!

Everything is looking a little bland, I know...expect little changes here and there...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silly distractions!

Oh lord. Boys have put such a damper on my life lately. I tend to devote myself to them, therefore neglecting my own aspirations and it's my own fault. I think I may be back on track now. And I won't let them get in the way, for at least a while, and until I can get some fulfillment doing "my thing." I think I am that hopeless romantic and I am someone who is in search of a lifetime partner. Unfortunately, I haven't found him. And to be honest, I really hope he's not under my nose!

I've learned it doesn't matter if he is a bad boy type, momma's boy, intellectual-they all seem to have treated me the same in the past. I'm really tired of it and have no energy left over to deal with people's attitudes and too weird quirks.

So, for now, I am not looking for love. I am looking for success and lots of acquaintances ( I have a perfect amount of good friends and people who I trust).

I've decided to go back to school, too. My mind has been feeling like mush lately and I am happier when my life is filled with honest to good work and accomplishments. I think I will take one class at a time to get back into the groove, especially since I'd like to expand my side business, too. Ms. Michelle with an MBA is on her way to rule the world! ;-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I can't be the model anymore...

I did go to that store opening I wrote about in my last entry! I am glad I went, too. Turns out, a friend that I somewhat grew up with, she's about 2 or 3 years younger than me, opened up shop. I am so proud of her! The store looked amazing, very upscale and bright, and I wish her nothing but the best!

I decided against opening my store front this year. I'm not so sure about the economy. Maybe, when it picks back up again, I will reconsider. I will be doing it full blown internet style, shortly. I will be purchasing a dress form soon. I want a vintage form and I have been looking at these:

If, by any chance, my lovely readers know of an adjustable dress from for sale (vintage a plus), please let me know, purrty purrty please!

I am changing the name of my vintage company, too. More details later, but all I can say is 1. I'm sick of DMV, a girl cannot make up her mind, 2. I've been thinking of storefront name and DMV won't cut it, and 3. DMV is linked to too much personal stuff, the internet is a crazy world!

I'm starving, it must be time for lunch...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I have some catching up to do.

I feel guilty for not posting online more often. I've been busy. I'm always running around like a maniac, I really don't know where the time goes and everything is a blur. I just happen to not have anything to do at work today.

I was connected with a woman who supplies costumes for a local theatre group. I met with her and she purchased about half of what I brought to show her. All 1950's and early 1960's outfits, women, men & girls. I was feeling a little down about the business and perked right up when she expressed how much she liked the clothing.

I have been hit up before to provide clothing to theatre groups, but I wasn't quite ready. Now I have the confidence in the knowledge I have gained. This is definitely an option for me, especially in the local area.

The Babylon Mall website has turned out to be a bust for me. Sort of my fault for not posting items frequently, but I seem to have more luck on Etsy and the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I think I will let Babylon go at the end of the month.

I wish I had some more insightful things to talk about. Maybe some decent writings. The time I give at the day job is so wasteful. During the days, I daydream about roadtrips, the characters I meet along the way, the roadside attractions that make no sense. Even the gasoline prices haven't affected my longing to get out of town.

A new clothing store has opened in this town. Amid the current economic status, they still opened. I haven't been in yet, but I did check out the window. I believe the inventory is better quality than Forever 21, but lower prices than a Macy's. They're having a cocktail party this weekend. I'll be going to spy. If they can open, so can I. If I do...I may not be able to go on a long trip this summer...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yes, I'm an outdoors kinda gal!

This weekend, I went on a hike with Dan. He's a cool guy who knows all of the hotspots around the mountains. I've known him for quite a few years now, but had no idea he had such a love for nature like I do. The hike one way was probably about an hour, passing by two nice size waterfalls on the way. Of course the second was our destination and we sat for a good while chatting and eating green grapes chilled by the natural spring water. Believe it or not, they tasted sweeter after we had used the stream water as our cooler. Maybe it was just the company.
I decided to bring the poloroid camera and these shots turned out pretty nice.

Monday, April 28, 2008

green gingham days

I stepped out of the house this morning to routinely start my car...and low and behold, sweater weather is no longer with us! The sunlight was so warm so early today. I pretty much spent my weekend outdoors- a trip to the Getty Museum near Santa Monica with Roger, and gleefully restoring that '75 Schwinn bicycle that crossed my path not too long ago.

I also drove out to the shops I talked about last week...turns out they are just antique shops? I didn't go into either, they were in a weird 2 story bulding that was just too complicated to figure out LOL. So I am still full of ideas and daydreaming every single day...this shop of mine will happen.
I picked up the new album by She & Him, with Zooey Deschanel. I have been listening to it nonstop during the last week. I love it. I wasn't quite on the bandwagon with the new female singers...this album tops them all. She sings of heartbreak and new loves. It's soothing and it has encouraged me to move on fairly quickly from my own situation. As hard as it is to open up to someone, it is so easy to shut down again, that wall is back up for the new people I may encounter in the near future. I can see it coming.
That is why I decided to focus on selling my inventory at this moment in time. I've been slacking and it needs to go up a notch again. I realized I can't get comfortable. I enjoy pushing myself to work harder and attain more. It's a constant thing in my head. Perhaps it's striving for perfection.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

back to the drawing board

What's life without hurdles and battles?

Last year, when I decided I wanted to open a shop in town, a store pops up with my idea in Apple Valley. I then said to myself, okay, we'll see how they do. Well, they've been open for a year now. Obviously doing alright. About two weeks ago, I devised a plan for myself. I'll save up extra money, enough for about 3 months rent, and open a shop. Doh of course I find out yesterday a couple shops opened up in Hesperia just recently. I haven't been in them yet, but curse the day if they are exactly what I wanted to do. Grr. Maybe luck will be on my side and I can think of something different than what they carry. I'll have my own niche. It's vintage clothing and they better not carry it. Haha.

Ah, more power to them, I'm happy the desert is growing. I just let these ideas in my head that pass by and I'm not sure how to grab on for the ride.

The Smoketree Jucntion Flea Market was a bust! Who knew? But I tried. I had my own booth at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, too. Not a bust, but it would have been nice to do a little better. It's a fact I did better with Garri on the new side than having my own booth in my own section. haha. I'll be doing that for a while...just have a small rack in her booth. By now I know what sells there, so that will be fine for the time being.

I'm still having these crazy ups and downs when it comes to being an entrepenuer. It's the same issue as when I first started...being alone, not having any real support. By watching Garri run her own business, it gives me confidence that I can do it. I guess you can say I see her as a mentor, she's empowered me more than anyone else in the last few years.

I've been nonstop thinking about how I can move forward. I'm looking to revamp my website with new images (next month I'll have them out!) and I am setting a goal to start listing a few items everyday online. Although everyone knows I detest the online thing, it's what will get the most play, unfortunately (considering I wanted to sell in a physical store). *Deep Breath*

A friend of mine is going fishing today, I'm gonna head out and hang out with him for a little while. We both have stuff going on, I think he'd be a good person to talk to, not biased, or judgemental. I brought my camera, too, hopefully some good photos come out.

'Til next time...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

i knew it was coming

I wrote this blog, April 2nd, but never posted. It's a good time to do so now.

uh oh. (Working title)
I am not sure how today's entry is going to turn out. I don't know where I am going with it. This won't be a superficial post. I need a place to vent and I am nearly in tears.Lately, I have been going through some major ups and downs.Normally I would be desensitized to everything around me. Since I have met Joel, my heart has opened up to a new level. And I am thankful for that. But also comes a down side. I am super touchy, I am very pessimistic when it comes to things that are misunderstood. Lately, I haven't felt I meet his expectations. Nothing I do is good enough.

The dog I rescued ran away Sunday. I can't even bribe a starving dog with food and shelter. I was at an all time low for two days after this happened.

Friendships come and go, I know. People grow apart. I would think someone who has been in my life for what seems an eternity, would not forget me.

I'm stuck in the desert for the time being. I feel caged.I am thinking about taking another road trip, soon. And by myself this time. It's been on my mind constantly. Last year's trip was so enlightening and I need a boost of that again. Perhaps that is my addiction. This isn't a metaphor for running away from my problems, I learned so much on my last trip. I came back a new person. I want that again. It's time. Maybe the dog and I were two peas in a pod...meant to be lone wolves, kittens, married to the sea...

Friday, April 4, 2008

SmokeTree Flea Market Round 1

So I finally got around to reserving some space at the local flea market. I'll be bringing most of my inventory. Mention my blog post and score a great deal. I hope to see everyone there, I'd love to see this flea market thing be super successful. Not just for me, but a place where our community can go and look forward to each month.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm gonna be a supermodel!

I've had a little downtime to think about what I am doing next with my little business. I'll be revamping my store with, oooh, get this, professional photographs! I am more than excited. With the help of my friend, Jose, the clothes will get the attention they deserve. That means a bigger catalogue, listings on etsy and ebay, and also more frequent posts on myspace. I am hoping to start listing late this week. People like their visuals, so there you go.
I sold a good amount of items at the Rose Bowl Flea Market last month, so I will definitely be there again next month (2nd Sunday of every month...).

There is a local antique shop in town. I checked it out last week and found out they sponsor a flea market once a month also. If I can't get a spot for April, the following month is a go, for sure. As that date gets closer, I will post more info! There, I will most likely bring all of my inventory and move some stuff so I can bring in fresh items. Is Phelan ready for the wrath of Darla May? Haha, I hope so!
This last week, I have been busy nursing this pooch:

I found her at work, she had nearly froze to death. It had been 17 degrees the night before, I am surprised she survived through it. She couldn't even open her eyes when my coworkers and I got to her. They had called animal control to take her, but I said I would take her home with me. I took her to the vet and she was okay, considering the circumstances. I was feeding her 4 times a day (she had been starving). Now she is normal and used to the routine I've set. I took her on her first walk yesterday. Although, she didn't last long, but she wagged her tail for the first time when we got back. She might still be totally exhausted and in pain. I'm not sure. She hasn't made a peep and I can't engage her into any playing. I'll be going back to the vet with her this week to see if there is anything else I can do for her. I placed a found ad in the local paper, the local website and search around town for any "lost" flyers. Nuthin. My plans are to keep her if no one claims her.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shenanigans at the rose bowl flea market

Last Sunday, I accompanied Juicy Exchange to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This is the biggest flea market in Southern California. Period. The flea market is once a month, and I have always wanted to check it out. So helping them out would be a great opportunity to scope the whole scene out. There, we sold new vans and rainboots.

We arrived very early. Instead of setting up shop, we all walked around, seeing what inventory had been placed for sale. Mounds upon mounds of vintage clothes, old shoes and boots, and anything you can think of. (I have to make it a point to start carrying my camera everywhere, it would have been fun to post some pics of my day here.) I think the most striking items were the modern, eames era, '50s coffee tables and side tables. I would have bought them in a heartbeat if I had a place to furnish. Other than that, I really didn't see anything that was a must-have. Although, later in the day, I did buy a few (new) blouses.

I am so used to walking, browsing and looking at everything. I enjoy being outdoors, and enjoying the good weather. Being on the seller side of a booth is very different. You wouldn't believe the amount of inconsiderate customers there are. The business of selling shoes is rough. Having a trailer with a million different styles and sizes, there is a lot of running around. It's cool to start talking to a customer, ask them what they like, what size and all of that pertinent info. You get them shoes and they try them on, perhaps they may not buy them. BUT there are those custmers you build a repoitoire with, you go to the trailer, you come back out and they are GONE. What is up with that? Couldn't a simple "nevermind" or "no thanks" be in order???? Believe it or not, this happened more than once. It is insane and I have such an appreciation for retail and food service workers. I couldn't deal with that on a daily basis.
For next month, I will be bringing some of my vintage clothing to sell. It would be nice to get my stuff sold and acquire different items. :-) I also decided to open an online shop. I know I have been teetering on that for a while now. But I've made the decision, finally. Details later.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow-day Monday

I have to admit, I get a lot of my thinking and figuring out stuff done when I am driving. It is the only time I get, truly, to myself. Obviously except when I have the urge to road rage and what not. But that's not what this entry is about. There are just mornings where I feel like I am in a serene and quiet environment, not quite happy, but a fortunate to be alive kind of feeling. And last Friday was a perfect example. It had been snowing the night before, the highway was covered in snow, it was first thing in the morning and the County had yet to plow. After a bit of road rage and frustration at young snowboarders who do not know the meaning of safety and had no previous experience of driving in snow, I stopped off at the local gas station. It was quite empty, as there was a lot of snow and a good amount of ice on the uphill driveway. I went inside, chatted with the workers, I see them at least a couple times a week, so there is a pretty good repertoire. There is an older gentlemen who works there and somehow I just connect with him (I have written about him before in my previous journals). He's got the oh so stereotypical east coast accent and treats me like a grand daughter. I think he's also got a sort of intuition that is used sparingly, and when used always for the good of someone. He is kind and a pleasure to talk to. I think I finally figured it out- He reminds me of my Grandpa Joe. Not sure why but they share some similarities already mentioned. Or it could be they were from the same area back east and share some of the same old school values.

I walk outside and it is snowing. It's quiet. I am looking at the mountain side across the way. It's not windy or wrathful. Rather than get back into the truck, I stand outside at the gas pump taking in the beauty. (gas + beauty= not sure if that goes, but it does in my story!) Everything is white, just covered with more than a few inches and it's not too cold. This is the thing with a small town: not many people in town, it's not busy, or fast paced. A lot of people who live in this mountain town realize the beauty of their surroundings, and they also are not out this early in the morning!

There is a motionless feeling that has set upon the town that morning- maybe preparing for an unforeseen circumstance. An avalanche had killed a few people later that day. Young and reckless may be exciting but can also result in something so tragic. I believe some young guys decided to go for a ride out of bounds at the ski resort. Somehow that caused the harsh act of God.

Another avalanche near the lake. I don't know if anyone was hurt here.

Yet, a third avalanche, in a span of 4 days, on the particular road, and the only road, to my work. I had a snow day, as did everyone, on Monday, except for the two guards who were stuck and could not leave the mountain for over 2 days. 7-9 foot avalanche, and no one was hurt. The county did a great job of clearing the heavy, impacted snow. Everyone returned on Tuesday.

The ski resort is the biggest money maker for the tri community, I'm sure. But it attracts so many reckless and idiotic tourists. They are the last people I want to see in the community, especially after a horrible bout of weather. They are not bothered by not paying attention to the environment around them. Safety when driving doesn't mean a thing to them neither does leaving trash along the roadside. They just do not know when to stop.

On a light hearted note: The snow was so bad, even this county truck could not make it through. Notice the bumper sticker, "How's my driving?" Yes, this picture was taken Tuesday, in our parking lot.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When opportunity knocks, open the door!

What a crazy, stressed out time I have been having! Now, that I have figured out things for myself, I am nothing but delighted.

I applied for a Social Worker position in Northern California (about a 12 hour drive from my current residence). They liked my application, and want me to take the exam. But they only gave me a weeks notice. That made no sense to me...applying for County jobs around here, they've given me at least a months notice. Not only would the flight cost an arm and a leg, I would have arrived totally late and only got a few hours sleep before the test. Just thinking about that, stressed me out completely. If you know me, you know I need at least 10 hours of sleep a night! Haha!

All while deciding the good vs. bad points, I had a really nice conversation with Garri, owner of Juicy Exchange in town. She asked if I wanted to sell my vintage clothes there. While discussing the possibilities and details, I decided to go ahead with it. In a way, I will have that in-person store that I wanted in the first place. This is such a great opportunity and I am really excited.

I have been sorting the clothes I have acquired and I also bought some more...shame on me...I found a big lot of 50's-60's childrens clothes right after I talked to Garri. She has a very down to earth style setting that also includes affordable children's clothing. Having the vintage kids clothes on the rack will be a lot of fun ;-) I've also started to work on price tags/ business cards. This is third day, right? I've made two versions already and I'll be making out another today. I'm just not quite happy with what I have made so far. Hopefully today will be the last revision. *fingers crossed*

In exchange for this opportunity, I will be helping her out in the store and designing a web site, too. Things I don't mind doing at all after my day job and on weekends.

When all of the details are worked out and my clothes are "out there" I will most definitely write about them here...

One door closes and another opens... this may be what I have been waiting for!