Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silly distractions!

Oh lord. Boys have put such a damper on my life lately. I tend to devote myself to them, therefore neglecting my own aspirations and it's my own fault. I think I may be back on track now. And I won't let them get in the way, for at least a while, and until I can get some fulfillment doing "my thing." I think I am that hopeless romantic and I am someone who is in search of a lifetime partner. Unfortunately, I haven't found him. And to be honest, I really hope he's not under my nose!

I've learned it doesn't matter if he is a bad boy type, momma's boy, intellectual-they all seem to have treated me the same in the past. I'm really tired of it and have no energy left over to deal with people's attitudes and too weird quirks.

So, for now, I am not looking for love. I am looking for success and lots of acquaintances ( I have a perfect amount of good friends and people who I trust).

I've decided to go back to school, too. My mind has been feeling like mush lately and I am happier when my life is filled with honest to good work and accomplishments. I think I will take one class at a time to get back into the groove, especially since I'd like to expand my side business, too. Ms. Michelle with an MBA is on her way to rule the world! ;-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I can't be the model anymore...

I did go to that store opening I wrote about in my last entry! I am glad I went, too. Turns out, a friend that I somewhat grew up with, she's about 2 or 3 years younger than me, opened up shop. I am so proud of her! The store looked amazing, very upscale and bright, and I wish her nothing but the best!

I decided against opening my store front this year. I'm not so sure about the economy. Maybe, when it picks back up again, I will reconsider. I will be doing it full blown internet style, shortly. I will be purchasing a dress form soon. I want a vintage form and I have been looking at these:

If, by any chance, my lovely readers know of an adjustable dress from for sale (vintage a plus), please let me know, purrty purrty please!

I am changing the name of my vintage company, too. More details later, but all I can say is 1. I'm sick of DMV, a girl cannot make up her mind, 2. I've been thinking of storefront name and DMV won't cut it, and 3. DMV is linked to too much personal stuff, the internet is a crazy world!

I'm starving, it must be time for lunch...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I have some catching up to do.

I feel guilty for not posting online more often. I've been busy. I'm always running around like a maniac, I really don't know where the time goes and everything is a blur. I just happen to not have anything to do at work today.

I was connected with a woman who supplies costumes for a local theatre group. I met with her and she purchased about half of what I brought to show her. All 1950's and early 1960's outfits, women, men & girls. I was feeling a little down about the business and perked right up when she expressed how much she liked the clothing.

I have been hit up before to provide clothing to theatre groups, but I wasn't quite ready. Now I have the confidence in the knowledge I have gained. This is definitely an option for me, especially in the local area.

The Babylon Mall website has turned out to be a bust for me. Sort of my fault for not posting items frequently, but I seem to have more luck on Etsy and the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I think I will let Babylon go at the end of the month.

I wish I had some more insightful things to talk about. Maybe some decent writings. The time I give at the day job is so wasteful. During the days, I daydream about roadtrips, the characters I meet along the way, the roadside attractions that make no sense. Even the gasoline prices haven't affected my longing to get out of town.

A new clothing store has opened in this town. Amid the current economic status, they still opened. I haven't been in yet, but I did check out the window. I believe the inventory is better quality than Forever 21, but lower prices than a Macy's. They're having a cocktail party this weekend. I'll be going to spy. If they can open, so can I. If I do...I may not be able to go on a long trip this summer...