Friday, July 16, 2010

What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger

What an amazing trip I've been on's this thing called life.... things have been so hectic for me. There's a constant struggle with my mothers declining health and plain ol' stubborness...going back to school...btw I got an "A" in my last accounting class...returning in the fall for the second edition of self inflicted pain...

No time for the vintage love...but I will be hosting a sale of my inventory next month. If your local, I encourage you to come out and take a look. I'll keep ya posted here and will be obsessively, I'm sure.

I've found myself kind of bored with the fashion lately, too. This trend of early '90s is driving me insane. Maybe because I had all of those clothes but gave them up to thrift stores a long time ago? I may just be bitter over it. I'm trying to resist but I will probably give in  towards the end. That always happens. Hopefully not though.

I'm kind of bored with what used to be my daily fashion read blogs, too. I've ventured out of the zone and have started reading these: Rockstar Diaries, Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project, and I'm Just Walkin'. They are all pretty random, I know. Do you have any suggestions for new reads?

I've been catching up on my movie flicks, too. Recent films I've seen on Netflix:  2 Days In Paris, Splinterheads, Broken English, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, and of course Twilight and New Moon.

Tonight will be filled with housework and laundry. Tomorrow, I'll be driving to Orange County for some antique shopping with a girlfriend (looking for turquoise jewelry). Sunday, looking for a gas economical car for my father (Bleh...not looking forward to test driving foreign cars). And of course on the Netflix queue: The Time Traveler's Wife.