Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here's another day dream, y'all

During my senior year of high school, all of the teachers made a big deal about what the students were gonna do after graduation. My first dream was to be a fashion buyer for some ultra high end shop. I was in talks with a fashion school in So Cal. I had a portfolio and of all the paperwork ready. My dream came to a halt when my dad said the school was too expensive and I couldn't go. Maybe we couldn't afford it. Or maybe he was too cheap and didn't see the sense it paying a ridiculous amount of money for a trade school. Or maybe going into fashion would have been a tricky business and it's would have been too much of a risk.

Turns out I'm currently repaying a loan for my Human Services Bachelor's degree, in which I am nowhere near that field of work as of now.

Life has it's many hurdles, turns, sideswipes and barricades. Everything happens for a reason. I'm greatful for completing my degree and the knowledge I have acquired is amazing. But, what now?

I probably shouldn't write any of this down as of yet...until it actually happens...but I am a sucker for crazy hopes and dreams.

Garri is closing her shop down, her family is moving and yadda yadda etc... A friend of mine offered to buy the existing shop. He wants to me to handle everything! It's a lot of work, from buying to advertising, to organizing. I agreed to it as long as I can have space in the store to do my own thing also. My idea is to help him and train his daughter to handle everything. (Garri has taught me a lot about this business). I would get them started and then open my shop near them to get this cool local hangout going.

As I am talking to my friend more and more, we seem to have a lot of creative differences concerning what direction to take the shop. One thing we do agree on: Having a deal where we help needy families in our town and giving them warm jackets for the Winter. Get the community involved, have people bring in their outworn jackets for a discount in the shop. We would get invloved with the school and just plain be helpful and give back to our community. I love this idea. I've always had a desire to do charity type work. I've done it plenty of times before, but to have this ongoing effort would be waaaayyy cool.

Garri is out at the end of this month. As details are being worked out, I might have an official OK for the store by then.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm speechless

I've been giving my friend a hard time about his shoes for quite a while now. They are white, high top sneakers with velcro. Not because he is some hipster, but because he hasn't gone shopping in over 10 years. They are ragged, dirty, more like a grey color than a white. It's all in good fun and he finally agreed to come to the shop to get some Vans. He didn't get vans, but a nice pair of Penguin lace up sneakers. He bought a new pair of Levis, and nice up to date polo shirt. He is the stereotypical guy who hates shopping and won't take the effort to update his wardrobe. Everyone loves this guy anyway. He will take a bullet for you. No doubt.

He wanted to take me to a friendly dinner afterwards and talk. Just talk about stuff that's going on. I consider him a pretty good friend and easy to talk to. We went to a local Mexican restuarant. I ordered a Strawberry Margarita to start off and as we were eating our salads, he tells me he is going to die.

I have goosebumps while typing this. He's had cancer for a couple years now, and just a few months ago went to the doctor. He has a bad case of mouth, throat and stomach cancer. The thing is, I think he has given up. He hasn't even attempted to get treatment. He says he will "try to talk to some people."

To say the least, last night was very emotional. Neither of us finished our dinners.

Even being the next day, it's hard not to think about it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Give me passion

In this crazy world of dating, I've come to this conclusion:


I have always dated musicians and guys who work on cars for a hobby. In the last few months, I have been trying to steer CLEAR of musicians. I've been dating different people and it's been an experience for sure. I've even signed on to a legitimate dating site (as legitimate online dating can be) to meet people with different interests. I realized this morning, it's having a passion towards something that I find so attractive. Don't care what the interest is, it could be anything! I'm not looking for a guy who will devote their entire selves to me, because I won't reciprocate, quite frankly. It's important to feel strongly about something, like I do about my shop. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who don't do anything. Shame on you...find a hobby! What I do for fun breathes life into me. I'm looking for someone who is excited to live life.

While we are on the subject....I made my very first purchase at Urban Outfitters. I thought if I am going to do it, I will do it all the way. Told myself I wouldn't buy shoes like this, but the style grew on me. They'll go perfect with an olive green wiggle dress I found last weekend...Say hello to my new lover...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some new hair candy

I've made my first trade! Ruby from MyCakies contacted me. She requested a 1950s girls dress and in return I receieved one of her creations. I love to wear artificial flowers. Only problem is, they fall apart after a few wears (Especially when I make them myself!). Ruby's flowers are made of felt and hand sewn and quality. There's depth to her cakies. She definitely made this with love. If you have any children I seriously think you should take another look at her store, she's got Cakie Crowns and a huge selection of Childrens Cakies, too. Look at the pictures below!