Friday, July 16, 2010

What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger

What an amazing trip I've been on's this thing called life.... things have been so hectic for me. There's a constant struggle with my mothers declining health and plain ol' stubborness...going back to school...btw I got an "A" in my last accounting class...returning in the fall for the second edition of self inflicted pain...

No time for the vintage love...but I will be hosting a sale of my inventory next month. If your local, I encourage you to come out and take a look. I'll keep ya posted here and will be obsessively, I'm sure.

I've found myself kind of bored with the fashion lately, too. This trend of early '90s is driving me insane. Maybe because I had all of those clothes but gave them up to thrift stores a long time ago? I may just be bitter over it. I'm trying to resist but I will probably give in  towards the end. That always happens. Hopefully not though.

I'm kind of bored with what used to be my daily fashion read blogs, too. I've ventured out of the zone and have started reading these: Rockstar Diaries, Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project, and I'm Just Walkin'. They are all pretty random, I know. Do you have any suggestions for new reads?

I've been catching up on my movie flicks, too. Recent films I've seen on Netflix:  2 Days In Paris, Splinterheads, Broken English, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, and of course Twilight and New Moon.

Tonight will be filled with housework and laundry. Tomorrow, I'll be driving to Orange County for some antique shopping with a girlfriend (looking for turquoise jewelry). Sunday, looking for a gas economical car for my father (Bleh...not looking forward to test driving foreign cars). And of course on the Netflix queue: The Time Traveler's Wife.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Has it been 2 months??

Oh dear, blogger, for I have neglected you...let me make it up to you...

Last time I departed, I mentioned a little trip to Northern California. If you ever have the chance, drive Highway 101 from the Oregon Border on down to Ventura. Theee most beautiful roadtrip I have ever taken! You can see a few snapshots here.

No cowboy boots found on my travels, and quite frankly, the thrifting near the Oregon border was quite slim. Fun stuff found in San Francisco but nothing I haven't seen before. I guess I didn't try too hard..this vacay was more for relaxation than anything. (Lots of staying in pjs all day long!)

Ahh, but on a whim, I decided to check out the Memorial Day yard sale extravaganza in my local town. Not only did I find the perfect pair of worn in western boots in my exact size....I found two! Here is a silly lil picture. The other pair is a blonde color and goes perfect with all my light shade tops! Both pair for $5 each. I was beside myself. Still am. And I wear them proudly! ;-)

Since I got back from my week vacation, work has been insane and I've been doing overtime. That and I just finished my final for my Accounting course.  Going back to school was a great decision. My mind felt like mush and it needed some stimulation! I'm taking the Summer off and will be returning in the Fall.

I've also been going on hikes to beautiful places around town. Toby has been such a great sport and is trained so well to jump in my truck and chill during the ride. We will be doing lots more exploring this year!

Went to the bookstore yesterday and picked up, "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. It's something different for me but maybe refreshing. It basically give you the keys for positive thinking and how that acts as a magnet for positive things to come. My boss recommended it and I do admire her for her positive and upbeat outlook on life. I'll probably do a review of the book when it's completed.

As for things coming up: There is a bike show in Long Beach on Saturday and also the annual Ink n Iron show. I'll be hitting both up, come say hi if you see me! :-)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh, how I long for you...

...dear cowboy boots!

I'm a gal with a lot of shoes, but there are just a couple of pairs that, quite frankly, are in constant rotation. I will wear my chuck taylors until you can see my socks through the flapping sole. I will wear my high heels until the black rubber at the heel wears off. When I have a favorite pair of shoes, I walk them into the ground. I've come to the realization that my trusty '70s Frye boots may not live forever. A suitable replacement is in order. I've been dreaming about cowboy boots for a long time, but never found the perfect pair. My trip to Montana left me empty handed and, well, I haven't gone on a thrifting adventure since. I'm going on a solo trip in my beloved white truck to Northern California, say like near the Oregon border, not SF. Well, I will be dropping by to say hello to Laura on the way back home. I'm hoping to find some obscure shops with some bad ass boots to don on my feet and rub it into everyone's faces when I get back.

I did a little research on Etsy and found a few pairs of boots that I like and one's that are at a decent price. I just hate when vintage is so overpriced, it's my soap box now....

Available at: Bootmeister $48

Available at: Bourbon and Lace $30

Available at: Vacation Vintage $38

Available at: Pure Vintage Clothing $45

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Darlings

Just like finding a random $10 in your pocket, I love finding cd's I have forgotten about... Last year I saw the Street Dogs and The Darlings were on the bill, too (I think, I could have had one too many cocktails). Well, I thought the band was rockin' and the guys were cute, so I bought their cd. I haven't opened it until this weekend (my cd player broke and my itunes thingamajig screwed up somehow and I'm a bit behind).

I am obsessed with their song, Love Story. It's pretty much tells the tale of my early 20s and rock n roll. It's a mix of Social Distortion and Stone Temple Pilots with a hint of AFI (maybe). The rest of their cd may be a bit too poppy for my liking but it's got a taste of that street punk I love. These guys are from So Cal, too.

My new favorite song:

Monday, March 15, 2010

The 59 parts car as my prop

What's better than finding $10 weeks after you stuffed it in your jacket pocket? ....vintage clothing... :-D

My mom was awesome enough to secretly stash this blue sweater vest in my's been hiding away in her things since the 70s or 80s. Yeah, it's a needlepoint fox and birds. Not exactly politically correct nowadays, but, hey, it's pretty rad and now it's been passed down to me.

Attempting to take my picture of the day, I couldn't decide which photo was cuter, so I'm posting a few from the photoshoot.

Oh yeah and the cranberry ascot was hand knitted by Yarn Over Movement. Love her. Absolutely beautiful work.

3.15.10 027 copy

3.15.10 025 copy

3.15.10 013 copy

3.15.10 030


She & Him

Are you a fan of She & Him with Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward? I read in a random blog that they were touring again so I checked out their website---All of the dates in my area were sold out! So, I signed up  for their mailing list and received notice anyone can listen to their new, unreleased album in it's entirety through NPR's website. I've been listening to it all day today!  Volume Two has the same charm as Volume One and I love iiiiittt!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Event happenings!

Wheelock College - Fall Frolic with Apples

I'm super excited this week! I signed on to be a vendor at a local high school. This will be my first non-flea market experience. Pressed for time, I'm pulling together my booth. I purchased a cherry wooden full length mirror, cherry wooden hangers, and other things to really set a mood for the space! This year, I do plan on selling at more events...I love the human interaction...

If you are local, check this out: Saturday, March 20th- The University Prep School in Victorville is having a fundraiser for their band department and the bands will be performing throughout the event. Plus, there will be over 20 other vendors. It's from 9am-2pm @ 16925 Forrest St. Oh yeah, and it's free...If you need any additional info, email me. See you there!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shop Update

I've added a few new purses to the shop. Super neutral pieces that will go with any super sweet outfit! This one is my favorite (It's a shame I don't have any more room in my closet, argh.) :

I really do have a ton more that I'm going through...hopefully I can get them into the shop in the coming weeks.

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday!

And it's time for much more randomness! While doing some research, I found this little bit of laughter from Life Images. I surely do recommend checking out the whole article (sans water marks) are just a few of the  "30 Dumb Inventions":
Venetian Blind Sunglasses, 1950

Charles L. Langs, inventor of poses, his strapless, backless, wireless bras, 1949

Baby cage out the window, 1937

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shop Update

Just a heads up, I updated my shop today! Yes, this is a huge feat because I haven't had one in a while...


1. My Grecian Goddess 2. Modern Day Harlow 3. Scoot On Over 4. Exotic Floral Maxi Dress

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Taste of Texas: An Introduction to some vintage recipe madness

"I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food."

Mr. Spencer and I had a very lovely Saturday night; We decided to stay in and cook a good ol' American meal. I had a special little book in tow and we chose a couple of  recipes to try out for the first time...Today, I introduce you, my dear friends, to "A Taste of Texas", edited by Jane Trahey, and published in 1949. Aquired at an estate sale, years ago...this is the first time it's seen the light of day.  I was delighted when he agreed to some vintage recipe goodness. Can you see the little devil horns peeking out? And it all worked out great...

A Taste of Texas Cover

We prepared the Eggplant and Broiled Tomato Casserole first. Take a look at the ingredients; We substituted bacon drippings for butter and oil, and American Cheese for Mozzerella. Looking for shallots was an adventure in itself, neither one of us knew what they were. Turns out, they are an onion that kinda look like garlic bunches. Whoulda thought? We also cut this recipe way down to one eggplant and two large tomatoes.  Even then, this dish was way too much for two people.

Eggplant and Broiled Tomato Casserole

Finding roquefort cheese proved difficult. There was NONE at the grocery store. We instead used Blue Cheese.

Broiled Steak with Roquefort Sauce

The final result:

Final Result:: Steak and Veggie Casserole Dinner

Some final thoughts: Having both dishes containing lots of cheese is probably not a good idea. Pretty heavy unless you are a cheese lover like myself. And apparently Blue Cheese is too strong for the steak. You live and you learn, I suppose. We thought blue cheese was pretty comparable to roquefort. Whether or not it is, can any one answer that? I'm clueless when it comes to that stuff. Overall both dishes were very tasty! Next time, I'll add more veggies to the casserole...that'll be delish!

***Update: As I was surfing the internet world, I came across a lovely blog, with a just-as-delectable version of the above eggplant and tomato casserole, take a look-see here!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So much creative energy...

...and I don't know where to focus it! I have so many ideas and I don't know the direction I'd like to go forward with. I am some what tired of the online shop and want to persue being a vendor at some of the car shows around here. Or maybe create a pop up shop for a month to add some spice to this boring town I live in. Amongst other thoughts, I need to decide and focus on one. Then, I can put my all into it.

I think I will be packing up shop for a few months as I go on a personal journey towards direction and fulfillment. With both of my parents ailing health and the struggle with what-seems-to-be-transitioning roles of reversal, it's super difficult to focus on the side business for now. I plan on moving as well, upon my paid off student loans. I'm starting school again in a couple of weeks, finally, after talking about it for 2 years!

With the shop off my shoulders, I can focus on doing other things: going on hikes, reading, personal relationships, snowboarding (what's left of the season anyway), also getting my home in order because after 20 years, shit accumulates!

But, by no means am I giving up my blog! I love writing here and reading everyone's posts! Mr. Spencer has been nudging me to do the Project 365, and I am seriously considering it. Starting tomorrow. Maybe. Having a photo diary with entries every day for a year, could be amazing. I have no idea where I will be a year from now. Feel free to join me in this journey. Be it, following me on Flickr or having your own...*psst* dear followers, I'd love to follow you, too.

Hamming it up for the camera, yet once again with my beloved '50s eyewear

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A change of pace

Hello Dear Customers,

I have decided to move some of my items for sale in the Etsy Shop to Ebay. So, if you have been on close watch with an item, you just might score a sweet deal on the new venue. Not to say I'm leaving my beloved Etsy, but it's time to try something new (and move some stock). It will be a slow transition and I'll be adding a couple of items each night (6pm pacific).  I'm not sure which shop I will be adding completely new items to, I haven't decided yet.

What is your favorite online venue for buying vintage?

Until next time,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Love is a powerful emotion

My favorite Johnny Cash song, A Little at a Time...

I have looked and looked, but to no avail, cannot find this recording on vinyl. Here are the lyrics to a beautiful broken hearted love song that is so simple yet so stirring.

Stop lovin' me a little at a time let me lose you a little at a time
Walk away slow like you don't want to go leave me a little at a time
For my benefit try to cry a little bit
For old times sake give me a slow heartbreak
I put up a fight but I'll be all right if you stop lovin' me a little at a time
[ lute ]
Hurt me a little at a time turn me away a little at a time
Walk away slow like you don't want to go leave me a little at a time
For my benefit try to cry a little bit...
A little at a time a little at a time a little at a time a little at a time