Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So much creative energy...

...and I don't know where to focus it! I have so many ideas and I don't know the direction I'd like to go forward with. I am some what tired of the online shop and want to persue being a vendor at some of the car shows around here. Or maybe create a pop up shop for a month to add some spice to this boring town I live in. Amongst other thoughts, I need to decide and focus on one. Then, I can put my all into it.

I think I will be packing up shop for a few months as I go on a personal journey towards direction and fulfillment. With both of my parents ailing health and the struggle with what-seems-to-be-transitioning roles of reversal, it's super difficult to focus on the side business for now. I plan on moving as well, upon my paid off student loans. I'm starting school again in a couple of weeks, finally, after talking about it for 2 years!

With the shop off my shoulders, I can focus on doing other things: going on hikes, reading, personal relationships, snowboarding (what's left of the season anyway), also getting my home in order because after 20 years, shit accumulates!

But, by no means am I giving up my blog! I love writing here and reading everyone's posts! Mr. Spencer has been nudging me to do the Project 365, and I am seriously considering it. Starting tomorrow. Maybe. Having a photo diary with entries every day for a year, could be amazing. I have no idea where I will be a year from now. Feel free to join me in this journey. Be it, following me on Flickr or having your own...*psst* dear followers, I'd love to follow you, too.

Hamming it up for the camera, yet once again with my beloved '50s eyewear


Johanna said...

I LOVE those glasses on you! So cute <3

P.S. I got my package last night with muchos gracias!!! I didn't have the chance for a fitting, but plan on doing so *soon* 'coz I can't wait to wear em'!!!

Psst: How much do I still owe you?...

Michelle said...

Thanks, sweetie! Dang! It's about time, I was just gonna email to see if you got 'em. You don't owe me anything! I feel it was a fair trade! :-)