Monday, August 31, 2009

Sale time!

Hey everyone,

Have you been eyeing something special in my shop? Well, this is your lucky day! If you are anything like me and love discounts, then this is it! I'm offering 25% off everything in my shop through Sunday, September 6th! Please see my shop announcement for more details.
It's another one of those out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new-kinda-things. I don't like my shop to be cluttered with more than a couple pages of stuff, and I have so much more to list, especially new for the cold season coming up. And, I'm in a good mood! hehe. If you have any questions, I am completely convo friendly!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Small World

It's amazing how this blogging internet world is so inter-connected. A while back, Liebemarlene Vintage created a post on Summer Finds and she included one of my '50s blouses. This was such an honor. But what is even more fabulous is the friendship I have made over this feature. Andra, from Cats and Flowers, saw the blouse and purchased it! We have been emailing back and forth since then, telling stories of each others lives, it's great how this vintage interest has brought us together. Did I mention she is from Romania? Awesome, I tell you! I wanted to show everyone how she styled this peter pan collar-ed blouse:

(Of course, this was done with Andra's own photo shopping skills, as I have not mastered that yet. But stick with me, I'll get it figured out.)
So beautiful!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meteor Galore

For those of you who love gazing at the stars, Wednesday night is the perfect night for you. It's time for the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. This star show is amazing! I am so lucky to live and breathe in a not-affected-by-L.A.-smogged-area, that watching and appreciating the stars every night is possible.

I think this is a good chance to take a short drive to Inspiration Point, bust out a lawn chair and a bottle of wine and stay up all night! The star show is expected to be at it's best between Midnight and 5 am, (in North America, anyway). I'll bring by Ipod, too, and listen to Patsy Cline's Walkin' After Midnight.

Having to go to work on Thursday will be no biggie, I'll have a good excuse to enjoy nature at such a wonderful moment!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ooh, play that sweet violin for me...

I am so horrible at keeping up with this blog. Lately it's been tough to read up on everyone else's, too. I've had a couple busy weeks at my day job. We had a big safety inspection and I had to go through all of the buildings to fix everything the guys "forgot about". It was so stressful, I had three dreams about work. Those dreams are the worst kind, let me tell you. I hope they have ended!!

I've been stressed out at home, too. It really doesn't help to be stressed at work then come home to more stressfulness. I am trying to recuperate but my head still hurts. I'm looking for a 4 wheel drive truck, so I don't have to borrow my dad's anymore...I really dislike new car shopping...they all look the same and remind me of sheep...baahhh.... But a late '60s, early '70s truck would be nice. Finding one that is already fixed up is a battle. Oh yeah and the 4 wheel drive ratio is like 1 in 500 non 4wd's. (If you are wondering, the 4wd is a necessity for me to get to work in the Winter snow.) Here comes the herd of white Silverado's...

I am so busy yet feel so freaking bored. I feel so unfulfilled. I am missing something and this time I can not put my finger on it. Maybe it's craving the open road again. I am going to Lake Tahoe next month...and driving (7 hrs) ...I've never been, so it'll be a new adventure. Oh, but the more I think about it, that's not what I need... I feel another phase of "discovering my inner self" again. Here's to being a future recluse...

I've been running rampant, with the truck thing, whether or not to go back to school, what to take if I go back, catching up on household things, figuring out the time for my business and social life (in which I pretty much don't have a social life anymore, I miss the days of being gone all weekend and going to rock shows and dressing up cute...).

Here I am being a little crybaby, please play that violin for me...

I have a feeling I will be okay and things will figure themselves out. I am just venting...

On a happy note, I had an awesome little photo shoot with Kaela. She was a lot of fun to work with. She totally understood my awkwardness trying to shoot. My first real life model! LOL. I had this idea of shooting in the middle of a newly repaved highway in the mountains... the only bad thing about it was trying to dodge the bikers every few minutes.
This 1950s button down shirt is available here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1960s Flora

I decided I was going to look nice and cruise over to Mark's house. I did have devious intentions....I brought my camera so he could take pictures of me in his cool yard in the mountains. Here is the result...

I bought this dress a few summer's ago at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. I think I wore jeans that day and it was just too hotttt, so I found this number and changed into it right away. This 1960s dress is made of tapestry fabric, so it has an awesome structure with seaming and pleats...