Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Small World

It's amazing how this blogging internet world is so inter-connected. A while back, Liebemarlene Vintage created a post on Summer Finds and she included one of my '50s blouses. This was such an honor. But what is even more fabulous is the friendship I have made over this feature. Andra, from Cats and Flowers, saw the blouse and purchased it! We have been emailing back and forth since then, telling stories of each others lives, it's great how this vintage interest has brought us together. Did I mention she is from Romania? Awesome, I tell you! I wanted to show everyone how she styled this peter pan collar-ed blouse:

(Of course, this was done with Andra's own photo shopping skills, as I have not mastered that yet. But stick with me, I'll get it figured out.)
So beautiful!


Anonymous said...

its so lovely to hear when friendships are made

Leather Made Nice said...

It is incredible how far the internet can carry us and the friendship's we develope. I bogs the mind, doesn't it?
Anne ^i^

little my said...

Awww! This is sooo lovely! Thanks a lot Michelle! With all the lovely internet surprises I should really start feeling better already :)