Saturday, March 28, 2009

San Fran: part the millionth time

Laura has been suggesting I see her in San Francisco and I guess I may have been looking for a good excuse to use... The first time I went to visit her (shortly after moving there in 2001), it happened to be St. Patty's Day weekend. The last time I took a flight there was 2 years ago, happened to be St. Patty's Day. Well, she really didn't have to twist my arm when she mentioned visiting for this year's St. Patty's parade. I took her up on it. Took a flight Friday afternoon, came home late Sunday night, again with only a backpack. But this time, it was stuffed, as I just had to bring a couple pairs of shoes. Why, I'm not sure. But we'll move on...

In the 10 years she's been a chef, Laura's never cooked for me. Friday night, she made me gourmet cheese ravioli with fresh mushrooms and parmesean. QUITE tasty. Went to the bar shortly thereafter, and well, you can guess from there what happened.

We missed the parade due to the shennanigans we were up to the night before. But I was able to see these guys walking around and they really didn't mind having their photo taken.

FASHION TIP: DO NOT commit this crime at a petting zoo with toddlers running around and ducks with beaks waddling around.

Walking is a given when visiting & living in this city.

Naturally, when Alcatraz is sold out, you visit the aquarium.

A decal stuck on a window. This photo op only works if you are taller than 5'4".

I'm really proud of this photograph.

So lesson learned, you know someone loves you when you wake up to a freshly made breakfast and french-pressed coffee every day of your visit.

Next stop: Montana

Friday, March 27, 2009


So I've heard nothing but good things about Twitter. I was hesitant at first and didn't want to do it. But it looks kinda fun. I've given in. I set up an account. My profile is all done. I'm now following a few people and other online vintage clothing shops. Now I realize this is exactly what gayspace and duncebook is.... it's just adding a bunch of random people, the more the merrier. Quite frankly, I know my friends aren't on there. Reading the Etsy forums, everyone says it's such a good promotional tool... I guess I have to buck up and start promoting. So there you go, twitter me. Do it. Doooo iiiit.

Hmm that sounds dirty. LOL.

I need a cup of coffee.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

1940s dream part deux

Alright. I'm guilty. I went back. I really couldn't fight it. They were whispering my name...over and over...and over...
Here's a small sampling of what I acquired...
1) 1950s Dress
2) Late 40s/Early 50s Sheer Dress
3) Late 40s/Early 50s Red Blouse
4) Late 40s/Early 50s Gold Art Deco Blouse


Thursday, March 19, 2009


My lil puppy dog is all grown up now! He's even featured on Etsy, in Anne's shop LeatherMadeNice. Anne was such a pleasure to work with- very friendly and quick on her toes. I customized this collar just for him, I think it brings out the blue spec in his eye. Aww, now I just want to cuddle with Toby just writing about him!

You can purchase your own customized collar here.

I've refrained from writing about 9 month old Toby because of my tumultuous past. I didn't want to jinx anything. Dealing with the dog I rescued from work & poor Winston, Toby has been woman's best friend! And to think I rescued 2 more pups from a dumping (yes, someone dumped them!) just a couple of weeks ago...My heart will always want to rescue animals in need. Just a warning to the future husband. ;-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

1940s dream

My mind has been occupied all morning. I 've lost concentration. I can't focus.

I'm day dreaming again of heavenly 1940s fashion. I "bumped" into a gal who is selling off her 1940s and 50s wardrobe, to make room and some cash. I bought a few dresses from her, a few slips, and a few blouses. Everything was super reasonably priced.

Although, I am feeling like I should hit her up again and buy the remaining blouses that I left. If they are still there, of course. Great condition. Great details. Blouses that define class.

I am so conflicted. I left them there in the first place because someone else might want them more. But then, I'm thinking, should I just pick them up anyway, so they are mine? And hoard them? In which case I'm not sure I can wear all of them. They are so pretty and fragile, I don't want to ruin them.

Do I need to add more to my closet???? What do you think? Am I being materialistic? Because I am lucky I do have the money right now.

Back in the day, average people didn't have closets busting out the seams. They bought quality pieces that lasted.

I have been fighting the urge not to buy extra clothing at the malls. I do think about my purchases, most of the time, carefully. So I've been doing good about this for the last year. I haven't been making crazy purchases like I used to. I've tried to become not so dependent upon material items. *Eh hem* I've sold clothes that were in my closet through my etsy shop. I've had a cry or two wondering if that was the right decision as I was packing them for shipment.

Oh, but it's the era I fell in love with from the start. That 40s and early 50s kind of ecstasy. And I've hit a gold mine....a little one, anyway.

Maybe I'll wait until after lunch. Maybe I'll email her and ask....

Should I fight it?!?!?!?!?