Sunday, March 22, 2009

1940s dream part deux

Alright. I'm guilty. I went back. I really couldn't fight it. They were whispering my name...over and over...and over...
Here's a small sampling of what I acquired...
1) 1950s Dress
2) Late 40s/Early 50s Sheer Dress
3) Late 40s/Early 50s Red Blouse
4) Late 40s/Early 50s Gold Art Deco Blouse



Johanna said...

Well, I don't blame you for the splurge -- especially on that last one! So pretty :D

Michelle said...

Thank you! Believe it or not, it was that blouse too that was lingering in my mind and I couldn't let go of...purchased that one the second visit. Hehe.