Friday, July 25, 2008

A hobby I meant to learn...

Knitting! I learned how to at one point, when I was a kid in middle school. I knitted my first scarf. Of course, it wouldn't be perfect, how could it be? I was so proud I had to show my grandmother.

Every year for Christmas, she would have knitted booties and other gifts of that nature for the family. I really did look forward to new slippers every year, as cheesy as that was!

Anyway, she pointed out every little wrong detail of my precious scarf and it broke my heart. Now that I look back, I obviously was looking up to her for support and guidance through my new venture. Well, I got discouraged and I never picked it back up.
As I drove through Grand Junction, CO last year, I browsed around a couple of antique shops in the "downtown" area. I stumbled across the following pictured knitting books. All range from late '50s to 1967. I was inspired to pick up knitting. And they also caught my eye...for makeup and hair inspiration. A year later, I haven't even attempted to learn. I browse through them every so often and think about how cute it would be to own some of these creations. The first two books are my favorite (you can click on these photos and the full image size will pop up):

#1. The gals with the teased high hair and thick black eyeliner are what caught my eye...especially since going through my '60s phase...

#2. Almost all of these photos are taken on a race track...who doesn't love fast cars and knitted fashion?

#3. and #4. I don't think these scans truly capture the doll like late '50s fashion with almost wax like figures...I don't even think these women are real...

#5. The front and back cover...all I can say is, it's my goal to have a matching ski sweater with some lucky man when we go to the local ski resort...We will just sit by the fireplace all day with a nice hot chocolate, or maybe some Irish coffee...

I am a collector of random emphemera...I love doing research on the everyday living of women in times gone by. It's especially a riot to read the "cosmo's" of the '50s...(hmm...I think that will be a future post...) maybe I won't get into my thoughts there....
These knitting books aren't worth anything monetary...but do mean the world to someone who may want them. I am willing to pass these on to someone...who wants to trade? I'll let go of Books #3, #4, and #5. Just convo me if want to know more details about these little treasures or if you've got somethin' to offer *wink wink*! Ooh and even better if someone wants to knit me a sweater from one of these books...we will definitely work something out! hehe

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whooda thunk it?

Who would have thought that shampooing carpets could be such a bonding experience with my father? We spent all day Sunday slaving away at rearranging furniture, cleaning, and working. My goodness, those carpets look really good. They have been given a new life! True to color and fluffy and no more stinky stink from the Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde Kitty Kat.

Okay maybe this is an odd bonding experience, but none the less, the man is a work a holic and for me to join and help, I felt needed and accomplished. I can't wait until we get started on that old car of mine. I'm waiting for him to retire so he will have time. You know the drill, there is never enough time in the day to get stuff done around the house. Especially if his extra curricular activites make extra cash. He refurbishes boats and sells firewood on the side. That is where I get my entepenuership skills from, I'm sure.
I've uploaded listings to my Etsy account. For now, they are listings that were *overlooked* on Ebay. I will be keeping both accounts up to date and a work in progress.
Here are a couple listings for some eye candy (on Etsy):

1980's tennis skirt

1950's sheer gingham blouse


Friday, July 18, 2008

Such a womanly need...

I love high heels. I will wear them as often as I can. Usually going out on a Friday or Saturday nights. I would wear them to work if I could. But, too bad that I live in the desert where there is nothing but dirt. And I literally work on the top of a mountain. Wearing them would be silly if I had to walk from building to building, I would most certainly trip and fall.
I want these ones by Remix, in particular, either in pink or green :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm happy for...

...the fact my boss is an animal lover. My pup got real sick and I was able to take paid sick time to take him to the Animal ER. He really is a part of the family and he will be fine (had a case of coccidiosis, most likely picked up by the previous owner's house). We had a scare and we are so so so happy Toby is back to normal.

...the visiting research scientist got a new pair of seeing eye glasses. Black, round and thick rimmed. He is a splitting image of all the historical 1950s pictures from the company I work for. I just enjoy talking to him even more so now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

LOL at myself

Okay so maybe I've hit a roadblock...auctions aren't quite up yet. I forgot to set up a new seller account with auctiva didn't work the dresses featured below will be listed tomorrow.

In the meantime, I will be taking more photos, and listing more as well to go along with the first round of auctions.

I did have time to play this weekend...Went to my first Indian Casino...and lost $30. I also caught some sort of cold that pretty much kept me inside the whole 4 day weekend. Hence, maybe why I got so much done haha.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Listings!

Here's a picture of me from yesterday...check out the new hair!

Here are a couple new listings on Ebay...Check them out and there's a few more, too!

Everything is looking a little bland, I know...expect little changes here and there...