Thursday, October 16, 2008

Western shirts and wiggle dresses I will dream of wiggle dresses. It's a nice escape from reality, right? It's getting colder, and I am gearing towards wearing my vintage Frye boots, jeans and western shirts. As I am doing a mental check of my closet, it is busting out the seams with old dresses and western shirts. Should a gal OWN that many western shirts???? As a matter of fact, I am wearing one I picked up at the LB Antique Market. 70s. red. with flowers. and pearl snaps. with the sleeves rolled up *just enough*.

I really need to weed through the clothes I own and have a yard sale somewhere. There's no more room for new stuff. Oh, I say somewhere, because I can't have not quite a mile up a dirt road I won't get any visitors! I'll have to borrow someone's house for the day.

Speaking of wiggle dresses, or dresses in general...I hung out with Matt yesterday...Apparently it was the first time he's seen me in jeans and a t-shirt. I'm always wearing dresses when he sees me... Although he did compliment me yesterday and it made be blush a little...

My friend who wanted to buy Garri's shop COMPLETELY bailed out on me. He hasn't even returned my call(s!). That's wierd. Just tell me you don't wanna do it.

I'm thinking Spring of next year I will do it myself. By then I'll have enough $$$$ saved up for rent for a few months and then some. Now I am really putting my thoughts down on paper. And maybe somewhat of a plan.

As for my new look for my webshop: I bought a new desktop computer (so purrty!) with Adobe Elements. I'm currently learning that program and messing around with it. You can see my new banner (above) yeah thats my car and I used elements to create the effects. Hush! I know what you are thinking...I'm still learning...hahaha!

And the images I wanted to take, I haven't as of yet. I just dislike having photos of myself taken. Although I want to try to post pics of me wearing vintage in the listings, to see if my sales increase. Ugh.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First post as 26

It's another birthday gone and passed... and I am in a good place right now. I even went on a little shopping spree last week...

Simply Fabulous Vintage

Cats and Crickets Boutique

Punky's Vintage

My Favorite Plum

Shopping really is the best therapy...maybe that's why I'm in such a good mood!

*Side note...OKAY so I know I my posting needs work...perhaps I will start blogging more often...