Monday, March 9, 2009

1940s dream

My mind has been occupied all morning. I 've lost concentration. I can't focus.

I'm day dreaming again of heavenly 1940s fashion. I "bumped" into a gal who is selling off her 1940s and 50s wardrobe, to make room and some cash. I bought a few dresses from her, a few slips, and a few blouses. Everything was super reasonably priced.

Although, I am feeling like I should hit her up again and buy the remaining blouses that I left. If they are still there, of course. Great condition. Great details. Blouses that define class.

I am so conflicted. I left them there in the first place because someone else might want them more. But then, I'm thinking, should I just pick them up anyway, so they are mine? And hoard them? In which case I'm not sure I can wear all of them. They are so pretty and fragile, I don't want to ruin them.

Do I need to add more to my closet???? What do you think? Am I being materialistic? Because I am lucky I do have the money right now.

Back in the day, average people didn't have closets busting out the seams. They bought quality pieces that lasted.

I have been fighting the urge not to buy extra clothing at the malls. I do think about my purchases, most of the time, carefully. So I've been doing good about this for the last year. I haven't been making crazy purchases like I used to. I've tried to become not so dependent upon material items. *Eh hem* I've sold clothes that were in my closet through my etsy shop. I've had a cry or two wondering if that was the right decision as I was packing them for shipment.

Oh, but it's the era I fell in love with from the start. That 40s and early 50s kind of ecstasy. And I've hit a gold mine....a little one, anyway.

Maybe I'll wait until after lunch. Maybe I'll email her and ask....

Should I fight it?!?!?!?!?

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go for it