Monday, June 7, 2010

Has it been 2 months??

Oh dear, blogger, for I have neglected you...let me make it up to you...

Last time I departed, I mentioned a little trip to Northern California. If you ever have the chance, drive Highway 101 from the Oregon Border on down to Ventura. Theee most beautiful roadtrip I have ever taken! You can see a few snapshots here.

No cowboy boots found on my travels, and quite frankly, the thrifting near the Oregon border was quite slim. Fun stuff found in San Francisco but nothing I haven't seen before. I guess I didn't try too hard..this vacay was more for relaxation than anything. (Lots of staying in pjs all day long!)

Ahh, but on a whim, I decided to check out the Memorial Day yard sale extravaganza in my local town. Not only did I find the perfect pair of worn in western boots in my exact size....I found two! Here is a silly lil picture. The other pair is a blonde color and goes perfect with all my light shade tops! Both pair for $5 each. I was beside myself. Still am. And I wear them proudly! ;-)

Since I got back from my week vacation, work has been insane and I've been doing overtime. That and I just finished my final for my Accounting course.  Going back to school was a great decision. My mind felt like mush and it needed some stimulation! I'm taking the Summer off and will be returning in the Fall.

I've also been going on hikes to beautiful places around town. Toby has been such a great sport and is trained so well to jump in my truck and chill during the ride. We will be doing lots more exploring this year!

Went to the bookstore yesterday and picked up, "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. It's something different for me but maybe refreshing. It basically give you the keys for positive thinking and how that acts as a magnet for positive things to come. My boss recommended it and I do admire her for her positive and upbeat outlook on life. I'll probably do a review of the book when it's completed.

As for things coming up: There is a bike show in Long Beach on Saturday and also the annual Ink n Iron show. I'll be hitting both up, come say hi if you see me! :-)


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