Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh, how I long for you...

...dear cowboy boots!

I'm a gal with a lot of shoes, but there are just a couple of pairs that, quite frankly, are in constant rotation. I will wear my chuck taylors until you can see my socks through the flapping sole. I will wear my high heels until the black rubber at the heel wears off. When I have a favorite pair of shoes, I walk them into the ground. I've come to the realization that my trusty '70s Frye boots may not live forever. A suitable replacement is in order. I've been dreaming about cowboy boots for a long time, but never found the perfect pair. My trip to Montana left me empty handed and, well, I haven't gone on a thrifting adventure since. I'm going on a solo trip in my beloved white truck to Northern California, say like near the Oregon border, not SF. Well, I will be dropping by to say hello to Laura on the way back home. I'm hoping to find some obscure shops with some bad ass boots to don on my feet and rub it into everyone's faces when I get back.

I did a little research on Etsy and found a few pairs of boots that I like and one's that are at a decent price. I just hate when vintage is so overpriced, it's my soap box now....

Available at: Bootmeister $48

Available at: Bourbon and Lace $30

Available at: Vacation Vintage $38

Available at: Pure Vintage Clothing $45

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