Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silly distractions!

Oh lord. Boys have put such a damper on my life lately. I tend to devote myself to them, therefore neglecting my own aspirations and it's my own fault. I think I may be back on track now. And I won't let them get in the way, for at least a while, and until I can get some fulfillment doing "my thing." I think I am that hopeless romantic and I am someone who is in search of a lifetime partner. Unfortunately, I haven't found him. And to be honest, I really hope he's not under my nose!

I've learned it doesn't matter if he is a bad boy type, momma's boy, intellectual-they all seem to have treated me the same in the past. I'm really tired of it and have no energy left over to deal with people's attitudes and too weird quirks.

So, for now, I am not looking for love. I am looking for success and lots of acquaintances ( I have a perfect amount of good friends and people who I trust).

I've decided to go back to school, too. My mind has been feeling like mush lately and I am happier when my life is filled with honest to good work and accomplishments. I think I will take one class at a time to get back into the groove, especially since I'd like to expand my side business, too. Ms. Michelle with an MBA is on her way to rule the world! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

dudes are the worst