Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Go t-bird, go!

I was running a little late this morning getting to work. It is really completely my own fault. I stayed up late last night searching through youtube videos. From the likes of Blondie to Jimmie Rodgers. It's a cool little site, I've never spent much more time on it than when someone sends me a video to watch. So I deprived myself of some sleep and paid for it this morning.

I was in a hurry, driving kinda fast, you know the same old story. I was listening to Johnny Horton and something always comes over me when rocking out to him. Where the posted speed limit is 45mph, and not because of residential areas, but because of windy mountain roads, I was going more than twice that. I know the highway like the back of my hand, I really have driven down it with my eyes closed. It was a nice adrenaline rush and it woke me up. I was in a good mood by the time I had arrived (and still am!).

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