Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Like a light bulb flashing over my head

Ever since I've started selling vintage, a special nitch has always been on my mind. With a love of '40s Noir and '50s Wiggle Dresses, that style didn't fly at the shop. Nor at the flea markets. I found it to be disturbing that a lot of people weren't actively seeking that style. I've had to adapt to my surroundings whether I liked it or not. And selling items I don't particularily like always gave me the shakes.

Compromising in between making money and enjoying what I do has been hard. I will be honest, so far it's been, I will sell what will make money. Now that I have been at it constantly for a while now online, I have a better idea as to what works. I feel I have actually come up with a nitch that I can market easily. I have been aiming too high with certain ideas. Certain things that are out of reach. Maybe things that aren't "me." I have come up with a creative strategy, that is completely me, easy to attain, and of course, on the cheap. These ideas will go great with the Fall season, and it is perfect timing. I'll try it, and if it doesn't work, at least I'll know.

I do need to define my personality online, which has been a little difficult so far. I want to share with the world who I am. And not just some follower, I aspire to be a leader! How cliche does that sound? But, hey, that's alright.

I am going on a road trip in a couple of weeks...Hopefully I will gain some creative inspiration... well, heck, I know I will. I will be working a little in the meantime, and my shop will temporarily be closed while I am gone (I'm leaving for 2 weeks!). I'm coming back with a bang, you can be sure of it.

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rachel said...

Hi Michelle,

I happened upon your blog because I saw your cute little plum dress on the etsy vintage showcase. Anyway, I just wanted to pipe in on this subject. I too have had such a hard time dealing with selling "vintage" that to me, isn't really vintage. This whole 80's thing just floored me. I would much rather be selling 50s and 60s stuff or earlier when I can find it. I'm convinced that it is just easier for most people to wear.

However, I am gonna keep wearing my wiggle dresses and capris no matter what the GAP tells me is cool.