Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm gonna be a supermodel!

I've had a little downtime to think about what I am doing next with my little business. I'll be revamping my store with, oooh, get this, professional photographs! I am more than excited. With the help of my friend, Jose, the clothes will get the attention they deserve. That means a bigger catalogue, listings on etsy and ebay, and also more frequent posts on myspace. I am hoping to start listing late this week. People like their visuals, so there you go.
I sold a good amount of items at the Rose Bowl Flea Market last month, so I will definitely be there again next month (2nd Sunday of every month...).

There is a local antique shop in town. I checked it out last week and found out they sponsor a flea market once a month also. If I can't get a spot for April, the following month is a go, for sure. As that date gets closer, I will post more info! There, I will most likely bring all of my inventory and move some stuff so I can bring in fresh items. Is Phelan ready for the wrath of Darla May? Haha, I hope so!
This last week, I have been busy nursing this pooch:

I found her at work, she had nearly froze to death. It had been 17 degrees the night before, I am surprised she survived through it. She couldn't even open her eyes when my coworkers and I got to her. They had called animal control to take her, but I said I would take her home with me. I took her to the vet and she was okay, considering the circumstances. I was feeding her 4 times a day (she had been starving). Now she is normal and used to the routine I've set. I took her on her first walk yesterday. Although, she didn't last long, but she wagged her tail for the first time when we got back. She might still be totally exhausted and in pain. I'm not sure. She hasn't made a peep and I can't engage her into any playing. I'll be going back to the vet with her this week to see if there is anything else I can do for her. I placed a found ad in the local paper, the local website and search around town for any "lost" flyers. Nuthin. My plans are to keep her if no one claims her.

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i love the new pup! she'd be in good hands with you.