Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow-day Monday

I have to admit, I get a lot of my thinking and figuring out stuff done when I am driving. It is the only time I get, truly, to myself. Obviously except when I have the urge to road rage and what not. But that's not what this entry is about. There are just mornings where I feel like I am in a serene and quiet environment, not quite happy, but a fortunate to be alive kind of feeling. And last Friday was a perfect example. It had been snowing the night before, the highway was covered in snow, it was first thing in the morning and the County had yet to plow. After a bit of road rage and frustration at young snowboarders who do not know the meaning of safety and had no previous experience of driving in snow, I stopped off at the local gas station. It was quite empty, as there was a lot of snow and a good amount of ice on the uphill driveway. I went inside, chatted with the workers, I see them at least a couple times a week, so there is a pretty good repertoire. There is an older gentlemen who works there and somehow I just connect with him (I have written about him before in my previous journals). He's got the oh so stereotypical east coast accent and treats me like a grand daughter. I think he's also got a sort of intuition that is used sparingly, and when used always for the good of someone. He is kind and a pleasure to talk to. I think I finally figured it out- He reminds me of my Grandpa Joe. Not sure why but they share some similarities already mentioned. Or it could be they were from the same area back east and share some of the same old school values.

I walk outside and it is snowing. It's quiet. I am looking at the mountain side across the way. It's not windy or wrathful. Rather than get back into the truck, I stand outside at the gas pump taking in the beauty. (gas + beauty= not sure if that goes, but it does in my story!) Everything is white, just covered with more than a few inches and it's not too cold. This is the thing with a small town: not many people in town, it's not busy, or fast paced. A lot of people who live in this mountain town realize the beauty of their surroundings, and they also are not out this early in the morning!

There is a motionless feeling that has set upon the town that morning- maybe preparing for an unforeseen circumstance. An avalanche had killed a few people later that day. Young and reckless may be exciting but can also result in something so tragic. I believe some young guys decided to go for a ride out of bounds at the ski resort. Somehow that caused the harsh act of God.

Another avalanche near the lake. I don't know if anyone was hurt here.

Yet, a third avalanche, in a span of 4 days, on the particular road, and the only road, to my work. I had a snow day, as did everyone, on Monday, except for the two guards who were stuck and could not leave the mountain for over 2 days. 7-9 foot avalanche, and no one was hurt. The county did a great job of clearing the heavy, impacted snow. Everyone returned on Tuesday.

The ski resort is the biggest money maker for the tri community, I'm sure. But it attracts so many reckless and idiotic tourists. They are the last people I want to see in the community, especially after a horrible bout of weather. They are not bothered by not paying attention to the environment around them. Safety when driving doesn't mean a thing to them neither does leaving trash along the roadside. They just do not know when to stop.

On a light hearted note: The snow was so bad, even this county truck could not make it through. Notice the bumper sticker, "How's my driving?" Yes, this picture was taken Tuesday, in our parking lot.

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