Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things To Do

Today is just one of those days where I feel I'd be more productive at home than at my day job...

Things To Do and in preparation for the Ball, this weekend:

~Get my formal dress altered, the previous owner was a tad bit bustier than myself
~Steam dress
~Purchase the correct undergarments (once you see the dress, you'll know why)
~Nails done- because I feel like being the ultimate girly girl
~Clean truck inside and out-Remove excess sweaters and boots and coffee mugs (I'll be driving it, you know...)
~Pack for two nights away

And same old same old what to do:

~Buy dry cat food
~Typical housecleaning stuff on Saturday
~Slowly take my vintage inventory out of my car's trunk to clean and sell..
~Clean car
~Sell car, hmm...heck, my '94 t-bird will be considered vintage in 4 years according to Etsy...that's a thought....


Leather Made Nice said...

WHEW!!! I'm tired just reading your list to do!! :P Have fun.

Anne ^i^

Michelle said...

Haha thank you!

All I have left to do is steam and pack!! I'm so excited!