Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Beautiful Autumn Day

The investment in my Canon SLR has been so worth the cash! I truly am lucky and thankful I was able to afford such a bad ass toy! My next investment it probably to purchase a longer lens than my stock one.  In the meantime, I am pretty proud of the images I have taken thus far.

Kaela and I spent the evening (before the early sundown) taking photos. As always, she was the perfect model!

1980s Ski jacket

1980s Ski Jacket, will be available tonight in my shop!

1970s/ 80s Coat
1970s/80s Light Weight Coat, will be available tonight in my shop!

The following dresses are a part of Kaela's fashion pieces, 1940s-1950s reproduction dresses. They can be found at  Lipstick Vogue on Etsy.

Lipstick Vogue

Lipstick Vogue.

Thanks, Kaela, for being such a great sport!


Ms. B said...

That blue coat looks so adorable on you!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you sweetie, I'll let Kaela know! hehe. She really does know how to pull anything off!

Eli said...

find a chinese lens on ebay, with a good rating, they surprisingly make good knock offs

Michelle said...

Interesting! I'll look into it...