Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wardrobe stylist for hire!

When I am around creative and artistic people, the air is refreshing...it just breathes life into me. These types of people are passionate about their work and you can see their eyes light up as they are doing it! I wish I could say this was a normal thing for me, but really, living in the desert, these folks are few and far between. So when I do get the opportunity to hang with such rad people, I take full advantage of it.

I met Josh, a photographer, at a the local Route 66 car show a while back. I made it a point that I was interested in possibly trading work with him...Well, we came up with an idea to start off with...

Being inspired by the Painfully Hip Design Collective...the imagery they create is so beautiful, really I want to jump in on those photos and be standing there next to everyone involved!

So, Josh came up with an idea for a photo shoot and I gave it life through vintage clothing...this is my first attempt at styling a shoot, although it did help Kaela brought a few pieces herself...




Spending a day creating these great images was a lot of fun. Definitely a learning experience, too...in more ways than one...observing the photographer, the model and the added duties I had of being Ms. Michelle, assistant for holding reflectors!

Photography by Josh Montelius : Razor Images
Model: Kaela
Styled by Yours Truly
More images here
The 1950s green crinoline is available in my shop, here.


Jade said...

Hey! That was so much fun, we should do it again :) I think you and I should come up with a cool idea and go crazy with it!

Michelle said...

Oh, I completely agree! I've got some thoughts stirring around in my head... We'll have to get together real soon :-)