Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love dress up time!

I was invited by an old friend to join him at his first Marine Corps Ball at the end of November. Today is the start of my search for the perfect dress....

He hinted that he wanted me to wear either Scarlett or Gold, for the colors of the Marine much as I'd like to make that will look horrible on my skin tone, and a Scarlett dress is proving difficult. I love to do the matchy match thing...and I have a few weeks leeway to find the perfect dress.

After browsing through Stop Staring, My Baby Jo, PinupGirl Clothing, Bettie Page, and countless other online retailers...nothing compares to the beauty and craftmanship of a vintage dress. I have a ton of options with a vintage dress...brocade, acetate, lace, rhinestones, sparkle, chiffon, long, short...but my favorite is that darn metal zipper.  And you can't forget, NO ONE will be wearing the same thing! ;-)

I'm levitating towards a 1960s frock with chiffon. It might be the easiest to dance in one of those, we know I like to boogie down. All of these dresses were found on

How do I become the best dressed gal there? This will be a fun contest to compete in! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love the Lace one on the bottom left corner. It's actually very similiar to the one I chose this year: (don't worry I'm all the way in Central America).

Michelle said...

Oh...I love how that dress glistens! You will be stunning at the Ball! You'll have to post pictures. I'll definitely post mine, too.

Leather Made Nice said...

Oh my gosh! to choose to choose. I have two faves - the red number and the cream/gold flowing dress at the top left. I'm sure you will knock em dead in any of those gorgeous dresses.
Have a blast!!
Anne ^i^

Michelle said...

Thanks, Anne! Yeah...I'm pretty'll be a lot of fun, especially if I'm dressed to kill! ;-)