Thursday, July 23, 2009

La Vie En Rose

The bookstore is so much fun. I can spend hours there...Went last night to find Minor Characters , unfortunately this big chain store in the middle of the desert did not have it. Alas, I did find a magazine printed in the UK entitled La Vie En Rose. (I've always liked browsing through the international magazines, but have only once bought one. That was Lulu and the photography in that issue was so unique...). I attempted a google search, but did not find an official website for Rose.

I fell in love with one of the photo shoots, modeled by Georgina Carolina Verbaan. Named Happy Rehab (March/April 2009), this shoot dons early 60s high hair and bleached blonde fun, reminiscent of a disheveled Marilyn Monroe and a pinned up Bridgette Bardot. These photographs are why I bought the mag:

These are taken directly from the company of the photographer, Fotofloor (Click for more photos from the shoot). This is wonderful that they post these on the web! I just had to share because I love love this layout.

Now I have the urge to bleach my hair again :-/
This mag is pretty darn cool- the English is perfect and elegant, the jokes are shocking but so funny and blunt, reviews quirky artwork that makes you think, and there were quite a few photo layouts rather than just one compared to American fashion magazines. I recommend this to anyone and everyone.


Dallas Shaw said...

such adorable photos!

the real mia said...

What wonderful images. I probably would've bought the magazine too, even thought I have far too many magazines as it is.

Michelle said...

Hehe I have the same problem...although I am slowly going thru them and tearing out those "inspiration" photos to clear out space...