Monday, July 13, 2009

'59 heaven

Uh oh. Yeah. I did it again. Although, I am quite sure I know what I'm doing this time...

I am sure you have seen glimpses of my '59 Chevy Biscayne. This is my dream car. Almost, not quite done though. There are a few things that I'd like to do: Replace some body panels and obviously paint and re-upholster the interior. It's in ok shape considering and it does run fine on its original engine.

A glimpse of the green interior:

And this is the "what did I do moment": I bought this 2nd 1959 Bel Air as a parts car on Saturday. I figure I will take what I need from it, then resell it. Passin' it on down the line! It's got most of what I need to make mine more complete.

I am patiently waiting for my father to retire from work so we can do this project together.

*edit* Oh yeah- I forgot to mention the funniest part of the delivery of the Bel Air:

Strange, I was watching my father and the seller undo the straps on the car and trailer. They undo the rear ones first, and as I am watching them, I am getting the funniest feeling. Something's not right kind of feeling. They continue to undo the front straps and what do you know-- the car was not in gear and starts to roll!!!!! They obviously don't realize it and I am running to catch up with it...if you can imagine this....stick my arm through the open window, turning the wheel (why? I am not sure at this point) I open the door and jump in, slam on the brakes and still turning the wheel. By this time the guys ran to the other side of the car attempting to stop it.

If I hadn't turned that darned steering wheel, it would have crashed point blank into my beloved El Camino.

My heart was racing, as was everyone elses. That situation could have been bad. But, luckily I reacted pretty well for my old age.


little my said...

Oh I love old cars! I don't even have a license, but if I'd get a car it would be sth from the 60s or 50s. I keep seeing beetle cars and old fiat 500s around here. the plan of saving an old car reminds me of the kids in this movie that were saving money to build their own plane(ok, I know it's an anime but that's what it got me thinking about).

Michelle said...

There's so much character in a classic car- I've never wanted an ordinary piece of transportation.

And, I do believe, once the car is finished, all will be peaceful and serene. I can totally empathize with the kids in the movie....I've had this car for a couple of years and I am sure it will take much longer to complete. haha.

Johanna said...

OMG -- your car is going to be GORGEOUS. I just know it. And I'm totally jealous.

VintageBella said...

A number of years back my parents had a 1960 Buick Electra.....big bad and black and what fun! Giant backseats back in those days....and plenty of fins and chrome!!!!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Awesome! I love old cars. Thanks for sharing this to us. :)

Cheyne said...

nice to see girls with good taste

Michelle said...

Why, thank you, kind sir! ;-)