Thursday, January 22, 2009

Etsy happenings

In preparation for my store makeover, I'll be having sales until then... I have items that are soon up for renewal, and, really, I'd rather sell them than keep 'em in the shop. Mention this blog and get free first class shipping (in U.S.) on those items. They are already marked down for your viewing pleasure. Click on the photos to see their listings and a few more, too.

I am so greatful for how this shop has come along. I've been shipping to Australia, Canada, Europe...this list goes on. I love interacting with people so far mind wanders off trying to figure out their style and personality based on their purchase. Some are just natural quirky with the crazy prints they purchase...others are classy and feminine...but all are creative, no doubt about it. Other sellers on Etsy are so nice, too and friendly. I have a great sense of community when I chat with any user on it.

I've been steady with sales and happy with that. For now, this shop just give me a little extra spending money to goof off. Off sets the fact I don't work full time to begin with. I love scouting out the items too, it's a bit of retail therapy that I don't feel guilty about! I've got sooo many more items that are not listed in the shop...I really hope the new set takes off without a hitch. I want to share them with the world. And the saga continues...

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Eli said...

I decided to leave you a comment here about the flickr question. But yes!!! That was the lady in the makeshift wheelchair house, my sister and I flipped when we saw her. I tried to take a full picture but she was being pushed so fast! Im glad someone else has noticed!