Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do you have a sense of community?

I found Anne's post about Adopt-A-Family so inspiring, I encourage everyone to read it. She has taken the time to create earrings where the proceeds go to her local Adopt-A-Family. For every $50, a family gets a turkey, all the trimmings, and gifts for the children during the holiday season.

My family has struggled in the past where the gifts were not as bountiful as they are now... I think I was around age 10, and our own community gathered a couple of gifts for us. That had a huge impact on my mind set.  Ever since then, I have had a strong connection with the community and my neighbors. In high school and college, I was all about helping the needy, even starting a chapter of Food Not Bombs at the Community College (It didn't last very long, be we tried...). 

The last couple of years I have been so occupied with frivolous crap that I forgot where my roots stem. This year, I pledge to be more involved with the community and those less fortunate. And not just during Christmas, but all year round. We all need to step outside the box for a minute and be thankful for what we have and to think about those who are honest people and hardworking that struggle to make ends meet.

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