Friday, September 25, 2009

Rock your baby, all night long

Chris introduced me to this incredible new online radio station, Rockabilly Radio, and it is theee best online radio yet. If you like obscure, old music, you'll have an appreciation for this selection of songs. The majority is '50s rockabilly with some newer stuff thrown in every once in a while. Best part is, no commercials! You'll get an announcement randomly a couple times day by the same announcer, but that's it. I was listening to it yesterday during work and I think a max of 190 users were on it at one time. It's still smalltime, but I'd love to see this station grow!

(Wanda Jackson)

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Leather Made Nice said...

Michelle, I have heard a couple of Rockabilly songs lately.., or so the announcer called them, that I liked. Thanks for sharing.

Anne ^i^