Monday, June 22, 2009

This hairstyle: my new obsession

I have an amazing friend by the name of Chris, who also happens to be in Blazing Haley. (No, he didn't pay me for these kind words...) I think he is the only person who completely understands the old soul in me. Just when I thought I was the only person on earth who enjoyed obscure country from the early 50s and sitting through 50s films without a yawn, I befriended Chris (I think you can all it befriended...). Someone who is sincere, enjoys hanging by the old cars without the sillyness of overdramatic people, one who appreciates the beauty of a walk in the fancy garden or along the beach (sorry to burst your bubble...). Good friendship right here, let me tell you. He is very unique...he looks at the whole picture rather than following a trend that might be passing by. He stays true to who he is. He is one of the few I trust and we know more about each other than anyone ever could.

I am always so interested in his discoveries and was so pleased when he came across a few movies last year (or maybe the year before). We had a movie day at his place and watched one in particular: Man's Favorite Sport? (1964) with Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss. Pretty funny for it's day and therefore my infatuation with finding a cute vintage fishing outfit (as worn by Ms. Prentiss). I was never able to find a fishing vest that was small enough to fit me...but I still look every now and again.

I fell in love with her hairstyle, too, in this movie and am seriously considering being a copycat after my family reunion next month. I'll wait just in case it's the next bad choice. Can you blame me? There are going to be professional photographers at this shindig.
Here are some more photos I'd like to share of Ms. Prentiss and her down to earth style.

*These last photos courtesy of, which has an abundance of classic photographs.


Radiation Cinema! said...

Wow! She's hot and cool! I seem to remember her as the kind of maternal "best friend." What an eye opener! Love her cool wall art. - Mykal

Michelle said...

I know- I own "Where The Boys Are" and I think that's her persona in the film. But really I think there were only two stereotypes during that era- an actress was either considered a sex kitten or very conservative.

I did crack up with her wall art. It was a little unexpected, and I thought my parents were the only ones on earth who had the "weapon" decor. LOL.

Johanna said...

You could definitely pull this one off, Michelle! Soooo cute :D No comment on the wall art, tho' -- lol.

Michelle said...


Thanks, Johanna!