Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back into reality

I just got back from a week in South Western Montana, what a beautiful place! I can not imagine what it looks like in the middle of Summer when everything is green. There was a fantastic routine everyday of sleeping in, a nice breakfast, exploring the area, and nice dinners to come home to, only to go to bed fairly early. No internet. My phone did not get reception at the house. Only the company of good people and quality talk time, with the occasional food channel show. I'll have pictures in my next post.

Oh boy did I savor the time off. I came back so relaxed and, again, with a new viewpoint on life. I would love to own 30 acres of land and have my own ranch, with a creek running through my front yard. Things were so simplistic I wonder why people would rather live in an area with a million people in one square foot. The town we were in was clean, the sky was blue and herds of deer, elk and wild turkeys gobbled on through without worrying about any hunters. I also saw my first wild red fox on the way home, through the high elevation mountains in Idaho.

I come home, drive to work and realize nothing has changed. There has been a red balloon stuck in a tree since Valentine's Day. I pass it everyday, and I can't believe it's still there. It's just a reminder as to how life can be so mundane and routine. People work their lives away and it's time to take a step back and enjoy the fruits of your accomplishments. Whether it's to sit on your porch for an hour listening to the birds or to go exploring in your hometown- you are bound to find something you never knew existed.

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Johanna said...

wow -- your Montana trip sounds soooo nice! I dream of one day owning a small farm with a rag-tag group of rescued farm animals on it. Life has gotten way too complicated, that's for sure! It's nice to be reminded that simple pleasures really do still exist :D