Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When it's winter in wrightwood, it's 21 degrees

It has been a bit of a winter wonderland around here, with freezing temperatures and desires to snowboard.

Yes, that's right, I said desire. Using cold temperatures as an excuse, I'd rather go home after work and be nestled in the warmth of the fireplace than do anything else. This complicates things. I have been lazy, last week using the excuse of being sick to dodge responsibilities. Granted I was pretty gone and out of it, but now I feel guilty.

I may have mentioned my wish to open a vintage clothing store. I ultimately decided to start online. I bought clothes on my travels across the South West and also have items that fell into my hands- 2 big lots to be exact. So far the best part about this- buying the clothes. Yes, I am a typical gal who likes to shop and read Vogue. A few weeks ago I wrote myself a To-Do List; Opening the online store was in the top 5. I was motivated for a while after writing that, but then it somewhat dwindled. I am hoping expressing it here will once again motivate me. I am sure, once I get started, it'll be okay. It is just that initial feeling of starting something new that has me a little fearful. Don't know why, it is what it is.

I have also been on the path to finding a new day job. I have applied places, took exams for the county and am awaiting their responses. I have a realized I am getting nowhere now and I have to utilize my college degree I worked so hard for. The feeling of being comfortable is way too old. And it is time for change.

In less frustrating news, I am doing good. I am obsessed with the new Penelope Cruz clothing line and when I get a couple extra bucks...uh huh... you know what's going to happen...

...There's gonna be one big smile on my face. OKAY... so I am getting materialistic for my old age. I have no one to rebel against at the moment, so I'll be happy to drop some cash on a celebrity's clothing line. I blame reading the tabloids online every day. (Fergie's new handbag collection looks fun, too...)

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oh man, i am excited about an online shop. can i open up a personal account already? :) i can already hear karl, 'don't you already have one of those!!'