Thursday, December 20, 2007

Remembering the sierra's

I love the winter weather. All I want to do these days is be at home and bask in the comfort my parents have worked so hard for (yes, I still live with the folks!). I have been in homes that are cold, uninviting and have that bad vibe feeling and I truely am lucky to be where I am at in my life.

I really wonder if this is where my fascination with ranch-style homes comes from. My house is mostly decorated with warm, natural colors, with the love of wildlife. In particular my mom's corner that proudly carry her paintings of deer. The red brick fireplace that sits beside them and also the stuffed deer head, my dad hunted one year, that hangs so prominantly in the family room. The father has an appreciation for wildlife and in no way was this deer just a trophy, we proudly feasted on the venison he prepared.

About 20 years later, my dad shows me the exact spot, high on a mountain in the Sierra-Nevada's. Hartley Springs is the secret campsite we used to spend 2 weeks at a time during the summers. I really do look forward to having a family and reinstating the tradition there.

Last year, I stumbled across the first section of the bible I will hope to live by: Atomic Ranch Magazine. They had one feature awhile back on a western/cowboy themed home. Red brick fireplace, paintings of the western range, vintage western b-movie posters, warm reds, oranges, greens and browns. I look at these pictures and I want to be there, because the home looks so inviting. When I own my own home, I'd like to capture that feeling: the love of nature, not so loud or so modern, I'd be afraid to let myself go after a hard days work.

I find it hard to leave my job because it is nestled in the mountains, with beautiful scenery and few people (except during ski season). I can walk out of my office often and take in the relaxing scent of fresh pine and no smog. Every time, it makes me think of the camping trips aforementioned. Without a doubt, everytime, I get a kick out of seeing a family of deer or a family of bears. It doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, it makes me smile.

And my inspiration for today:

I saw these on Etsy and purchased the pair. I fell in love with these darling bronze candle holders. They are from the deco (30's) era. I can't wait to display them!

I suppose you already knew I had a thing for deer...hence my template. ;-) Images of Bucky the Deer come from an issue of Life Magazine, Aug. 23, 1948 to be exact, and yes I am the owner of an authentic copy!

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