Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mini Skirts

I have a new fascination: 60's biker flicks. My eyes are always open to see new cultures, fads and things I've never dreamt about. And this is my most recent obsession. Sure, the majority of the B-movie flicks portray women as possessions, but there are a few that empower them and take their characters to new levels: Jealous, ravenous and vengeful. Yet, they still take on a feminine quality that is admirable, todays society has forgotten about. Nowadays a sweat suit is okay to wear to the grocery store or even class. These '60s women are tough chicks but still have enough time to create big hair, draw on perfect liquid eyeliner, wear skirts and tight jeans. They aren't afraid to show their emotions and be bad ass at the same time.

I have taken a liking to this clothing style- I have been searching thrift stores, auction sites and vintage clothing websites. No one seems to be selling a simple a-line mini and bright colored tops. Sure the boots are in fashion now, and I am excited about that. I found an expensive pair of '60s black ones on Ebay and pair of $10 brown ones in a little town called Grand Juction, CO (creepy town, don't break down there).

Granted, I do not own a motorcycle, BUT I do know people that do. It's a lot of fun to dress like this while riding. I feel like there is nobody in the world but me, my group of friends and a good time with rowdiness.

Even my motorcyle and hot rod friends think I am crazy. It seemed like I was the only one into watching these movies and trying to emulate the lifestyle (of course, without the rape and belittling). Until about 2 1/2 weeks ago, I didn't know anyone that liked this B-movie era. When Joel saw me, he knew right away where I was at in my life. He opened my eyes to a subculture that really does exist, so I know I am not alone in this crazy curiosity of mine.

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69ScramblerTwist13 said...

Nothing like a femme fatale in a mini widows!