Monday, October 15, 2007

One random act of kindness.

It's another Monday morning, waking late, as usual and rushing to be at work before 9am. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact I can't see through one eye; I accidentally maybe cut it while taking a contact out 2 nights before. I am so bothered, the sun is so bright without a cloud in the sky, it's difficult to keep my eyes open. I'm so self absorbed at this moment and seriously considering turning around and calling in sick (mainly to crawl into bed and sleep a few more hours). Sitting at the main intersection of town, Sheepcreek & Phelan, I see a man trying to push his red car uphill. His little two door had obviously stopped running and he was on the drivers side using all his might to get it out of the intersection and park at the nearest, safest, curb.

An old white, much broken-in work truck whizzes by me, quickly pulls over. The passenger, in his manual labor attire, jumps out and runs to the rear of the car to help push. An intersection full of cars, a gas station on either sides of the road filled with more cars, and me sitting there observing what is happening and nothing more.

How often is it you witness a random act of kindness like the aforementioned? Or even realize when someone is doing something out of the kindness of their heart? I definitely haven't seen anything on the news or in the papers for as long as I can remember right now. But this last August did witness an emotional moment.

A young deer was struck on Highway 2, on a two-lane highway, at a spot where the road narrows, no car can pullover. She was alive, licking her front legs as sat in the middle of the Westbound lane. 2 different vehicles had managed to park in a way where the deer could not be bothered. 2 women were diverting traffic in a way so a pile up accident would not occur.

I was driving to work as I saw this unfold. Being the concerned citizen that I am, I called animal control to let them know of this situation. They gave me a runaround and told me to call Cal trans. No answer. I called the sheriff station, and the woman who had answered was surprised to hear this. I assume no one had called this in. As nice of these 2 women to control traffic, that is not a safe situation.

A couple of days later, I check around the community website where all of the gossip goes down. And, nothing. There was no mention of the deer in the highway and the women who had cared enough to stop. Was it not post-worthy because of it's good nature? All of the headlines are full of negative connotations, don't people want to read humanitarian stories?

These events may not have changed the world and may not have changed the course of one's destiny. To those who are involved or who closely observe, I think their eyes are a little wider and will notice a new opportunity a little easier. I hope that they don't take things for granted and appreciate the life they lead a little more.

Thank you to those who don't expect anything in return. I admire you. You will be rewarded in such a way, it would be impossible to imagine in the present time.


69ScramblerTwist13 said...

Wow, kinda makes one wonder if everything done in goodwill is enough...

Amorina said...

Keep up the good work.