Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shop Update :: 1940's Pillow Sham :: Hollywood, California

Greg and I cleaned out his "storage room" and you know we all have one of these! He has this extra bedroom where items have fallen by the way side. It's his tattoo equipment storage / computer room / art room / old linen storage room. On top if it all, literally, is a 1950s daybed upside down. Based on our engagement, we decided to sell his home and for the time being, he will move into mine until we discuss what our permanent plans are and where we want to live. We had to start somewhere with liquidating and we started with that room. By the way, we got it done in an evening and now he can actually work in there. :-)

But, I digress... we found this 1940's souvenir pillow sham. He has no idea where it came from so he encouraged me to list it on Ebay. My hopes are it will find a home with the perfect matching d├ęcor! It's pink with green tassels all around. It is total Hollywood Glamour with drawings of famous Hollywood hotspots: such as, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Boulevard, Chinese Theatre (before they added "Man's"), and a depiction of a glamorous actress with Lights, Camera, Action!

Bidding starts at .99! Ends Friday...

Click here for the Ebay listing! - SOLD!

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